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On a rooftop somewhere

Last semester of college got me like...

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  • Happy #nationalboyfriendday to my favorite human. No one loves like you do bb

    When I say ALPHA you say GAM!

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  • Thank you @sfsualphagam for the best 4 years & introducing my beautiful little into my life. Last semester of college lesss gooo!

    Traveling around the world only made me appreciate what we locals have here in Southern California

    Sneaking into Outside Lands this year made me feel better about the $15 margaritas I spilled ... PC: @houselamister

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  • Missing my city a little extra today.... PC: @aflyingandrew

    Big mood for #pride 💥

    Home sweet home

    Miss sipping rosé on a beach somewhere in Italy

    Thank you so much, Paris, for all the memories. I forever love you.

    Louvre living here 🇫🇷 Ps saw my girl, Mona Lisa, for the first time today

    Quick stop in Milano

    Off to the last stop before I fly home to the states.. Italia here I come