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WINNER IS! @evan crowther 🎊🎉

Happy #NationalComingOutDay If I could’ve told 10 year old Justin this would be us one day I would never have believed it. Could I live a life that was truly mine? Here I am today to say you sure as hell can. Thank you for sticking with me through this very bumpy road 💕

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  • I’m sorry I haven’t been very active. We’re all only human, I’m dealing with a lot of personal things lately. I’m working on me In only the best ways possible. Remember to not judge based off of what you see, there’s a lot more behind the scenes than you’d know. Thanks for sticking with me 💕

    Something about the sunshine baby ☀️

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  • A model pup 💞

    I am just an icon livin 😘 #flamethrower @senpai

    My world 💞

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  • 🐝 you