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Happy Veterans Day to everyone serving past and present 🇺🇸 I just wanted to wish my #1 man in my life a happy birthday, our family is so lucky to have you! I love you #mybestfriend

I miss you every minute of every day, happy birthday my beautiful grandma, I miss the light you brought into this world ✨❤️✨

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  • Everyone this is my sister ❤️ I’ve realized that as you get older how hard strong friendships are hard to come by and after 26 years of our amazing friendship I’m taking right now to say I’m so thankful for you 😘 U literally complete me, this is the farthest we’ve been apart and for the longest and how I miss you like crazy 😜! Your very lucky in this life if you come across a friend like her, so full of life, positivity, strength & beauty you make me so proud! I’m so lucky to have you ❤️ sorry for the rant it’s been a while 😂

    Happy birthday to my sister from another mister ❤️ life has shown me that God does really look out for you, because you have always been there, from the beginning you have never left my side and I am forever thankful ! Have the happiest of birthdays 🎂 and cheers 🥂 to 26 I hope it brings you nothing but joy, laughter and moments that take your breath away ❤️ I love you more than life itself

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  • Today is the year mark in which you left us, you were my twin soul and the best part of our family, I can’t thank you enough for the light you brought us, I miss you tremendously 💔 but I will continue to cherish the amazing memories we shared & stay the strong soldier you asked me to be, you were one in a million grandma I love you always ❤️

    Happy birthday 🎈 I love you so much sister, I am so lucky to have you, thanks for being our favorite little 🐢 even tho I hate turtles 😂

    Happy Veterans Day ! 🇺🇸 Not only is this my first year in the military, it's my dads birthday! 🎉 Where do I start, my dad is the #1 guy in my life, he shows me every single day that with hard work and the right attitude you can accomplish anything you set your mind too, he's the hardest working person I know, and my biggest role model, if it wasn't for his motivational letters in basic training I wouldn't be where I am today, I will forever envy your work ethic, and dedication to being your best self for our family, I will strive to do the same! I wish ampa was here to see how great of a person you are as a whole, you are truly my best friend, I love & miss you so much! Thank you for all you do! #happybirthdayDAD #daddysgirl

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  • Happy birthday grandma! It truly feels like I'm reliving a bad dream with u not being here anymore, who am I gonna gossip over our love for cats and coffee with, who is gonna sit back at family functions and watch at how effortlessly funny our family is, and who is going to remind me of why God has a plan for everything we go through. Your my twin soul and I am so heartbroken that your no longer here today is your birthday I will remember you every day not just today 💔🎈😇

    Missing my fav ❤️ This is just a reminder to her that no matter how many oceans apart we are & no matter how many boats take me far away into the infinite oceans 😂 you are forever and always my person that's a promise, I love you my sister but I miss you more 👯✨💖

    Today is one of my favorite days of the year! It's my sisters birthday 🎉 wow after 25 years of friendship, I can not begin to describe a better person to have in my life, Alyssa surpasses what defines a friendship she just does she's my backbone, my confidant, partner in crime, my 🌜 to my 🌞 my sister and my whole world I am so very lucky to have her I love you more every day sister thank you for supporting me in everything I do! I love you ❤️

    Because I'll never be alone in this life with you by my side 👭 ❤️