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@round boys somehow got footage of me working out

the root of your problem

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  • when you realize you stole your grandmother’s face

    it’s a #lifestyle

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  • I had the privilege of voting early here in CA. I encourage all of you to get out there(or vote by mail if you can in your state ) and make your voice heard. Voting is your right. Don’t stay home because you don’t think your vote matters. IT DOES. ❤️

    This movie is everything I’ve ever wanted and is the most visually beautiful thing I’ve seen SINCE THE OG BLADERUNNER DONT @ ME ABOUT IT. Run don’t walk to see this bananas masterpiece. Unless you’re epileptic. Definitely don’t then in all seriousness

    Found in my yard. 🍀?

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  • She finally destroyed the last not-destroyed thing on her list! Now she sleeps the sleep of kings

    If you haven’t registered to vote, the time is NOW! It only takes two minutes! Get in there! You deserve to be represented and to use your voice.

    Listen not to name drop but @jennifer garner told me I was on a sandwich and boy was I surprised. Thanks @celebsonsandwiches ! And look I’m not gonna tell an artist what to create but Jen deserves sandwichdom, don’t you think? Who do I talk to about this? She likes peanut butter and honey on wheat. Not to overstep. Or name drop. I know @jennifer garner personally though

    Wow @sensible lemons thank you so much for this HEXCELLENT ARTWORK 🐾🕸🖤