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Happy birthday to this little shit head. You may have passed me in height but you will always be my little brother

Here’s to the one who keeps me sane 🍻 Happy Birthday love❤️

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  • Happy 19th to this crazy bitch! You may be the biggest lightweight ik but I still love you! Here to many more years of crazy 🍻 #twoshottaytay @tay_green1277

    Shout out to this one who still loves me even tho I’m a day late to post #happybirthbitch

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  • Wasted time is time well spent 👢❤️

    Good to be back home

    Queens here I come ✔️🎓🎉

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  • We danced all night to the worst songs ever #prom2k17

    Happy 18th Magiggles 😘

    🎶I gave all my oxygen to people that could breathe🎶


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