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makeup from the other day 💋 it’s not perfect but I think I’m getting better 😊

🌿🐴 🌈

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  • #jaclynhillchristmas @jaclynhill 🎄💕

    i need these palettes!!! #jaclynhillchristmas #jaclynhill #makeup #christmas #frickinmacbookpro

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  • ⚡️mr & mrs Flash ⚡️😘 @grantgust @cwtheflash

    bby was rockin my hello kitty slippers last night like a boss 😂 #mancrusheveryday 💕

    New incense burner 💕

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  • #mcm 😘 I haven't posted one of these in forever but I just had to let the world know how much I love this person 💗 I'm so lucky to have someone who loves me unconditionally. All I want in life is to sit on a beach with you by my side. I love you sam @caminwalden 💕

    Throwback to a beautiful rainbow after a thunderstorm in Florida 🌈🌧☔️

    #NationalPuppyDay 🐶💕 the left pic is my bubby when he was just a lil pup, only a few days after we got him. the right pic was just a few weeks ago. He's still so cute. Love hims 💘

    Last nights makeup & outfit for date night w/ my boo @caminwalden 😘

    #nofilter Florida skies 🌤🌈

    I can't think of a single complaint about life right now 🌴💕 #florida

    Had such a wonderful new year with everyone! And a great 5 year anniversary with my boo @caminwalden 😘💕 wishing everyone the best for 2017! 🎉


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