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Don’t mess with Ahmal we are the Night Visitors!!

Thank you @caapaarts and Maestro @sallen8519 for this opportunity

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  • The passion that pours out of me when I sing. It is amazingly to connect to music

    Pondering before performances. Always take a moment to myself and reflect on who I am and what story to tell

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  • Birthday behavior drink 2

    Let the birthday turn up begin!!!

    Still as silly as ever!!

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  • 28 and still going strong

    Let’s go!!! Prayers up

    I already started celebrating!!! Saying goodbye to 27 and letting 30 creep in slowly!!

    Looking forward to another great performance of Lyrics of Sunshine and Shadow!!

    This morning @ Metro SDA!! Happy Sabbath

    Grown and Sexy!! EST. 10.30.90 28th year of Life and more to come!! @jrchristiansenstudio :: photo credit

    Let’s go Monday!!!!