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Venice picture Expectations vs. Reality 🐦 (which one are you? )

Halloween is coming...👻😏 (what are you gonna be? )

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  • "THRILLER" 🎃🕺🏻 w/ @montanatucker @fousey @mattsteffanina @_cjsalvador @alexander chung #throwback (tag a dancer friend )

    DOG LOVER ❤️🐶 (what’s your favorite animal? )

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  • 🎃🎃🎃 (what’s your fav holiday? )

    When you take “Trick or Treating” too seriously 😳🎃 w/ @hannahstocking @adamw @eljuanpazurita @spence @directedbystro (tag a friend )

    Meeting your idol be like ...😱😶 @daddyyankee (who’s your idol? )

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  • When you have to stay awake for someone 😩😴 w/ @adamw (tag a friend )

    Like mother like daughter 😂😂😂 (tag a family member )

    “Celoso” reached 100 million views in less than 2 months !!!! CRAZY 😱😱😱 thank you everyone who supported the song and made this dream come true!

    Clueless 💛🖤 (what are you gonna be for Halloween? )

    Double date with @chiaraferragni and @fedez 😂😂😂