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On a call with these amazing people being inspired by the incredible Shaun T!!!!!! If you haven’t read his book, i highly recommend it! And if you haven’t tried any of his workout programs than you NEED to message me! Join us in December to prep for the new program launch in January! That program is 6 weeks of 6 days a week, 20 minutes a day! You heard right! So don’t tell me you can find twenty minutes for yourself. Actually, do tell me so that we can work together to change that mindset! You can transform your life ❤️ #shaunt #transformyourlife

I love this view! As i stood in my new kitchen and looked on this seen, my heart was filled with joy. Do you ever just pause and observe and think about how lucky you are? ❤️❤️ #grateful #family

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  • If you paused and looked at your life today, are you surviving or thriving? A big difference between the two is internal. I started my heath journey almost two years ago and even though I’m actually doing more than i was, i feel like I’m thriving rather than just surviving. By taking the time to nourish my body with whole foods , get my heart pumping with home workouts, feed my mind with personal development, rest my soul with meditation, and surround myself with positive driven people, i have increased my energy and feeling of youthfulness. Before i started this work, i had so many limiting beliefs that were holding me back. I would love to help you do this work too! Taking people on the journey with me keeps me focused and motivated. Stop putting ‘you’ on the back burner. You are worth it! You don’t have to be in survival mode. No matter what is going on in your life, i promise we can work together to bring you to a healthier you. Stop waiting. Now is the time. Join my countdown to 2019 virtual bootcamp! It’s the perfect Christmas present to yourself. Go into the new year with a head start to make it the best year yet. #youareworthit #sfbayarea

    They say you are more likely to be successful in your workout goals if you have a workout buddy 😊❤️😂 Later in the workout, she was helping me count my reps as i tried to beat my best! And afterwards, she requested to do some cosmic kids yoga 🧘‍♀️ ❤️ #momlife #gingermom

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  • Successfully said no to all the extra Halloween candy with this! It’s a mug cake, but instead of flour, i used my superfood shake powder. I think it’s a mighty good compromise 😊 #8020rule #healthierchoices

    It’s 8:50 am and I’ve been up since 5am and this is my first cup of coffee! I love that i can wait and enjoy it at work and not just down some in the morning. My preworkout definitely does the trick of getting me through my workout and commute with the kids. ❤️❤️ Plus isn’t my coffee mug amazing! My brother got it for me when we used to both teach science at the same school. His was a monkey mug. We shared a closet that we could walk through to get to each other’s rooms. Okay, maybe I’m a little nostalgic for that! But that’s why one of my goals is to travel and see my brothers more!❤️ #scienceteachersrule #missmybrother

    I love that being a coach pushes me to be my best self! Part of that is always doing a workout program. I just switched things up, and even though i just finished a kick-ass program that made me so strong, i feel sore in different places! Best way to avoid plateau is to switch up your workouts! Are you experiencing a plateau with your workouts? #workoutplateau #changeitup

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  • Where is your favorite place to meditate? Normally i like to lay on a bed, but there wasn’t one available, so i headed outside tonight. It was nice to feel the hot sun and cool breeze. If you don’t have the chopra center app, i highly recommend it! I’m doing one of their free 21 day meditation experiences right now. #meditatedaily #teacherlife

    I did it! I finished the 8 week program again and this time i strictly followed the meal plan. Yes- i know I’ve posted my food pics! There is a cheat day allowed each week 😉. As i get fitter, the changes are not as obvious, but in the two rounds, i lost one inch from my waste, lost three pounds, and gained so much muscle. I was shocked by how much i upped my weights. But the absolute best part for me now is that it’s not, will i work out today? It’s what workout will i do today? With over 700 to chose from, i don’t get bored! Monday I’m going to do a program that I’ve done before, but they’ve added workouts and improved it! Anyone want to do it with me? Why wait until the new year? There’s still time to bust your 2018 goals! 💪💪💪 #doitnow #goals

    Embracing the look alikeness and dressed as twins for trick or treating. I love this little bundle of energy so much. She reminds me to live in the present and enjoy each moment. This has been a long week and I’m ready for a weekend where we can spend a bit longer together. Phoenix hugs and kisses never get old ❤️❤️❤️ #momofgirls #lookalikes

    Every day is a fresh start! Today i finally pulled over and took a picture, but every day this little section of highway is absolutely stunning on my way to work. And it really set in the wisdom from the section of “Big Potential” that i listened to today: An object in motion will stay in motion unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. He talked about how life is often that friction that slows us down. We might get energized after listening to a speaker or attending a conference, but that energy will be lost if we don’t have a positive force pulling us. This can be a simple as sharing your experience with someone else. What are you doing to keep you positive momentum going? What is energizing you? #positivemomentum #sunrise

    I love that I’m the one my colleague thinks of when she finds a pepper in the school fridge that is about to go bad. She knew i would take care of it! It makes remember a Christmas in the past when i was associated with a much different diet. All of my presents were bad for you sugary treats and i realized that i might have a problem. It was a long time until i really did something about it, but it was a good moment of insight. Have you had moments like that? Good or bad? I want to hear about them. Those moments when a situation or person gives us a little more awareness about ourselves. #selfawareness #alwayschanging

    We had an open house/birthday party for Alex today and these two had just as much fun as us. It’s so nice to have so much more room in the new house. I set up the games at kid height and these two played all of them while the adults hung out. Phoenix just waited on the front steps until Eli arrived. Then they played non stop until it was time to leave. #success #playtime