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Guy! Guy! Guys! I’m so excited, I’m on my way to pick up our latest shipment! New goodies coming soon!!!! 😆 To check out these goodies and soooo much more, visit our #etsyshop by clicking the link in our profile! 💛

I’m obsessing over our runners lately. This vintage beauty is from a little beach front town in Morocco called Asilah. Their rugs are especially known for their brilliant colors! ❤️ It really reminds me of the art in weaving! It would look just as beautiful on a wall as it would on the floor... 💛 Click the #etsy link in our profile to check out this runner (and a bunch of other sweet little tasinos )!!!

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  • Happy Halloween from our little Wolf in sheep’s clothing! 🐺🐑🎃👻

    This has been a crazy week for us! So many brilliant rugs, wedding blankets, and pillows are on their way to new owners, I love seeing them off and thinking about all the lives they’ve been a part of / all the places they still have to go.... (I’m having a seriously sappy morning... ). I’m amazing that our little maroon and gold Beni is still up for grabs! To check it out and soooo much more, visit our #etsyshop by clicking the link in our profile! 💛

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  • Perfect combo? 😉

    Did you know wedding blankets make pretty awesome wedding presents??? 🎁😘

    Pillows! ❤️ Pillows! 💛 Pillows! 🧡 Pillows! I love them! I want have a permanent pile of them in my house some day!!!! I can’t wait for the newbies to arrive but if you want to check these two out, click the link in our profile to see them and a whole lot more! 😍

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  • A little neon accent? Yes, please! 💚 I think this Beni is so playfully perfect for s nursery or kid’s room! It’s one of those things that just make me happy when I look at it. ✨🧡✨ Check this beni and others out by clicking the link in our profile!!! 😘

    #glamping 🎪

    My kind of Friday... 💛 This argyle beni just went up on the shop and the poufs will be up shortly! To check them (and more! ) out, click the link in our profile. 😘

    HAPPY FRIDAY from the littlest rug merchant! 👶🏼💛

    I l think fall may be my favorite season. I love the colors💛🧡❤️ and sooo many of our poufs and beni are perfect for snuggling up! To check out the shop, click the link in our profile! 😘

    Missing Morocco but mostly my missing my favorite dude... I was looking through old photos and found this shot from my first trip to Marrakech. So much has changed since then! 🙌 I’m so proud of the life we’ve built. Sometimes it’s reallllly tough to be apart from Ait but I love to hear that the guys are crushing this buying trip! Can’t wait to see this goodness and to see Ait in November! ❤️ Keep an eye on our stories for #sneakpeeks 🖤

    I love this image, it means everything to see how the sheep are sheared and how gentle the hands are that take care of them. ✂️🐑💛 I think a lot about the quality of our Beni Ourains and it makes me proud that we know the sheep that most of them come from. Depending on the regions the sheep are sheered yearly or biyearly (sheep that are sheared biyearly generally live higher in the Atlas in slightly cooler climates. Pro tip: The yarn from sheep that are shaved every two years makes for better quality rugs ). It doesn’t hurt the sheep. It’s like getting a summer cut! 😉

    Saturday!!! Yep yep yep! I am loving EVERYTHING here... 🧡 Click the link in our profile to see more! 😘

    Monday. Where did the weekend go?! This big red beauty is available on the shop now! ❤️ To check it out, click the link in our profile!