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just looking down at my big sack. I DROPPED MY SACK ON LIZAKOSHY.COM. i'm so excited to release my sack into the world. i've been holding onto my sack for so long, and now you can hold it too. enjoy my sack. oh and i dropped this hoodie too but that's less fun to say for some reason. everybody go have sacks now

it's a rental. thank you @amas for letting this southern belle and her pony on stage. ✨

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  • houston, we have a possum

    this is so good, that i'm a little sketched out. thank you to the gifted @killah_tequila for sharing your graphite greatness. ❤️ i had no idea i could look this good.

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  • Thank you America for shaping my story, and thank you America (Ferrera ) for sharing it. Look! Ya girl is in a book! And is also in AWE of the teachers, leaders and inspirers in it with her. Such a humbling mix of mixed humans, and such a blessing to share my blended background. Please check out, buy or borrow @americaferrera ’s incredible essay collection, #AmericanLikeMe! 100% satisfaction and reflection guaranteed.

    ow, she's a opera house she's mighty-mighty, just lettin' it all hang out

    if pigs could fly • @zane 's 200th video. get. ready.

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  • shhhh, i just laid down my baby hairs to sleep

    windows remind me, that sometimes you can't see, what you about to run into. ouch. i got a boo boo on my forehead. comment down below if you wanna kiss it.

    i like every. single. one. of my own instagram posts because that's millennial self lovin', honey

    • move bush, get out the way • just me and my lady garden • just a tool in the garden • im a late bloomer • look, it's a budding businesswoman • bushes be crazy • laughing at my bush HELP I HAVE 18 CAPTIONS AND I CAN'T GET UP

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