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On the set with my Padosi @Nia sharma90 ❤️ on #aceofspace @mtvindia @mtv #niasharma #Hotty #vikasgupta #mastermind P.S. Nia you are one of sassiet classiest dressed Gal I know 😍

The quieter you become the more you are able to hear ❤️ the ones you should be listening to like yourself 😊 #aceofspace #behindthescenes #realitytv #vikasgupta #mastermind

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  • “When you start loving yourself and respecting your time and energy, things will change 😊 styled by @bidishakohli and her team @forummmmm @adrina 17 Makeup & Hair @virusberry7 @nisha010565 for #AceofSpace on @mtvindia @mtv #MasterMind #vikasgupta #realitytv #aceofspace P.S. congratulations we rated superb .. Good news coming soon Bechaare Mere Houseguests 😝😈

    Rohit is the youngest & a wild card on #Bigboss12 this year. @rohitsuchanti06 hasn’t gotton enough time to play this game. Please vote for him & save him this week. He is what you see pls log on @voot and vote for him ❤️🙏 #SaveRohitSuchanti Agle Hafte if he doesn’t entertain enough then don’t 👻 #bigboss12 #rohitsuchanti #vote 🙏

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  • I started working very early and I think I grew up too fast , when you start looking after your family , you have to become the responsible one and hide the child inside you . You @ektaravikapoor are the only one I become a child with . Cause you scold me beat me up also 🙄 but correct me and give me love . Thankyou for letting me be a child always and yes even not with MA cause as parents grow older they become the child 👻#happychildrensday to you and everyone as well . Let the child in you always be alive #childrensday #ektakapoor #vikasgupta #Harleensethi #Broken #aceofspace #artist P.S. New Show coming soon 👻

    When your heart is happy , you have a happy smile . Yes there are sad smiles also . One of them is a happy smile while the other is a sad smile but both are important ❤️ #AceOfSpace #Mastermind #Mtv #vikasgupta Styled by @bidishakohli and her team @forummmmm @adrina 17 Makeup and Hair @virusberry7 @nisha010565 ❤️ The Green shoes gifted by @rohitsuchanti06 P.S. please vote for #rohitsuchanti log on to voot 🙏

    Tonight you gottta see what power does . It brings out what you want the most on #AceOfSpace more than what is good for you @mtvindia @danish_zehen @thefizahkhan @varunsood12 @iamchetnapande @divyaagarwal_official @pratiksehajpal #Abhiraj @imsheikhnadia @therealfaizalkhan #houseguests #vikasgupta #mastermind #realitytv #divyaagarwal #Varunsood #pratiksehajpal P.S. Thankyou for all the love on the ratings . This week is going to bring the animal out at the Masterminds House

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  • So this is my youngest fan . Her name is Bani and according to her aunt the best way to make her eat food is to put me on tv . It was her birthday and wanted me to @make a birthday video , I thought the aunt likes me 🤪. So they shot this and sent . I love you #Bani . Youngest #Lostsoul . Thankyou for making em feel so special today #Grateful #Lostsouls #feelingspecial ❤️ will keep doing good and getting tons and tons of love .

    Waiting for this one @adaakhann I know you will rock it and totally lovedddd Shilpa in the promo 😍😍❤️ can’t wait to see you bring Sitara alive 😘 @colorstv

    I want to be an animal who doesn’t care about the world but than there is a beauty in being human , the strength in not showing strength . Having a good heart in a cruel world is not a weakness but strength 😉 if you have a brilliant mind along with it and you use it 😊

    Today I value and understand an artist whole in front of the camera even more . Their perspective on the content and the limitation of what they are able to say in it . Apologies if I dint not value your input more . New learning #AceOfSpace @mtvindia styled by @bidishakohli and her team @forummmmm and @adrina 17 outfit by @bhurraofficial Hair and makeup by @virusberry7 @nisha010565 P.S. I am grateful to everyone who is helping me evolve @deborah polycarp

    After effects of Diwali #Rahul aur #Anjali me Jhagda 😂😂 @varunsood12 @divyaagarwal_official @pratiksehajpal is #Aman and @iamchetnapande is #Tina So here is my tribute to my fav Film #KuchKuchHotaHai while @sehzaddeol #Akansha #maisha @imsheikhnadia @thefizahkhan & #OPM are giving giving tribute to the #Raaz Franchise while other housemates are viewers @mtvindia #Aceofspace #Mastermind #Mtv #vikasgupta #houseguests P.S. I am waiting for vms in these films songs 👻