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If Shaq doesn’t come back next year I’m gonna be pissed

@childishgambino you’re missin out

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  • Happy founders day aphi, thx for my beautiful friendships🌟🤩

    Grandma’s give great hugs and cookies #welcometothefamkylie

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  • bRUINED #2-0

    We love celebrating you!!! @katiealbers14


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  • Another day, another picture with Maddie! #RUSHALPHAPHI

    rare pic of us enjoying life and not studying #youmightknowusfromthebiz #lames #missyou

    if anyone ever needs a good laugh hmu, i have endless videos of danielle wiping out

    “girl gang minus lexi” -lexi ivy

    here’s to spending the next 11 weeks in class!!

    happy b!rthday taylor!! we love celebrating you!!🤩🥂

    it’s hard being bestfriends with a supermodel



    Hey @leomessi can we meet up?

    Que pasa?


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