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No girls should EVER have a future where she’s married off as a child, denied an education, infected with HIV by a husband 2x her age. That’s why I’m proud to be a part of @ONE ’s #PovertyisSexist movement to demand world leaders fight for every girl to have the future she deserves. Head over to @ONE to join the fight!

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    We only have one 🌏 and I want to keep on enjoying what it has to offer….but we need to protect it, live more sustainably and cleaner. Remember, it’s the power of the many not the few that will make a difference. That’s just one of the reasons I went electric @nissaneurope #electrifytheworld #zeroemission #ad

    @chanelofficial 🖤 #CHANELholidays

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  • First look. #OnceUponATimeInHollywood @onceinhollywood

    🇨🇷 pura vida 🇨🇷

    @MaryQueenMovie #MaryQueenofScots

    Coco Neige 🖤 @chanelofficial #chanelofficial #ad

    So proud of my partnership with @NissanEurope , being an ambassador for their electric sustainability program. There is a different way - the future is electric! Let’s transform the way we live together. ⚡️ #ElectrifyTheWorld #NissanElectric #newLEAF #zeroemission