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In memory of this beautiful sunset above the clouds🌋

Take life with a grain of salt... a slice of lime and a tequila shot🌴🤙🏻

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  • parce que la saison est finie et que la vrille s'en vient😇

    She finds color in the darkest places; she finds beauty in the saddest of faces.

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  • Cuba 2016🌴🍉

    Summit 2016 with my lil sist💕

    5th place in the world (SJ3 ) at The Summit😍

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  • We are going to Summit!!😍💍

    👉🏼Be stronger than your excuses👈🏼 SWAG 2015-16🎀

    New team, same dream☄

    Vengeance 2k14-15❤️ progress