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In love with my @circulrco watch 💥🔥shop from just £39 check it out 🤟🏼🤟🏼 15% off using MAX15 on any watch.

Wearing the comfiest twin set from @boohoomanofficial 💥🤟🏼use MAX30 for money off 😼

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  • Wearing @criminaldamage In Dubai 💥🔥

    First day in Dubai what a blast with @inside lifestyle 💥🔥

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  • Morning Manchester

    Proud to announce I have my own calendar out for 2019 😅🤟🏼 link is in my bio if you want to treat your self 🤪💚

    Repping the new edgy tracksuit from @boohoomanofficial 💥💥💥😎Use MAX30 for discount 💯 #boohoo #BeTheMan

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  • Can’t wait to get in some sun again - Dubai on Friday 💥🤟🏼

    Positive vibes only 😼😼

    Quick pump in the gym @innsidemcr 💥 such a cool hotel in the heart of Manchester #sauna #steamroom #gym #manchester

    My bro Marley has bigger gains than me now Phaha name a better duo 😅🤟🏼🤟🏼😅😅

    Living it up in Manchester last night with the brah @ben_matthewsss 😅 the duo is realll