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Always fallin apart on the @fallontonight thank you @jimmyfallon and the tonight show fam for having me!😭🤣😍🙏🏻

💸💸💸 #justgotpaid @sigalamusic @ellaeyre @frenchmontana go watch the video now!

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  • Glam squad goals 💝 Make up: @acommonfemalecitizen Hair: @giannetos Stylist: @hayley_atkin_ @aleezysteez @enriquethetailor Nails: @modnailstudiocity #justgotpaid

    Kept apologizing to these sweet humans who were so nice to me haha #justgotpaid. @sigalamusic @ellaeyre @frenchmontana

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  • #JUSTGOTPAID video is OUT NOW💸💸💸 go watch!!!! Use the hashtag 😉 @ellaeyre @sigalamusic @frenchmontana

    Young queen @ellaeyre slaying my life in the new video for #JUSTGOTPAID ! GO WATCH GO WATCH GO WATCH!

    I can’t cut vocals with this kid next to me @samfischer 😭🤣💗

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  • Sleepy sexy 🤤 #BET

    Never been so happy 💛 @bet #BET

    Never felt so pretty 💝 thank you to the entire team for working so hard yesterday and thank you @mariamenounos for sharing @giannetos with me 💝😍 @bet #BET