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Wise words... • “IF YOU WORK NOW YOU’ll PLAY LATER. IF YOU PLAY NOW YOU’LL WORK NEVER.” • #streetpoetry #nyc • Back to work...

Marinating between camera setups on the J.O.B. 📷 by my guy @jameswolk #TellMeAStory @cbsallaccess

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  • #MakeKanyeGreatAgain

    Way Back Tuesday to those Beachwood Canyon days. Big Game James ( @jameshward4 ) holding it down in the background, but I want to put him on Front Street for a minute...Happy 40th Birthday to a true Ride Or Die homie. I Love You bro, we’ve shared a ton of adventures together that will last our lifetimes and beyond. A misstep or two along the way while trying to navigate the pirate ship through tricky waters, but through the years we’ve grown as men, side by side, from youthful exuberant excess in everything to the simple and absolute joys of fatherhood. I look forward to what “Dreams May Come” to fruition during the next 40 years...and then looking over to you next to me to help me make sense of it all. Happy 40th brother. Love You

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  • Ummm...I need this pig...


    #TBT on set of The Salvation in South Africa #BTS

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  • Repost @jamiejchung

    New Teaser! @carterandjune drops TOMORROW May 18 in select cities, iTunes and VOD. Check out link in bio for pre-order. @nicholask_la @seancovel @samaire xo @omundson @lindsaymusil @jameslandryhebert @kj_roper @dagenwalker @drich357