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I don’t post too many BTS posts but loved working with these great people! Photog: @diabesale HMU: @jofrancoartistry Styling: @ariellavilla @kimdawsonagency

Here’s your Thursday reminder to not compare yourself and where you are in life to others. I struggle with this so bad, like seriously. Ive compared myself to everyone around me so much. I’ve compared myself to my sisters, my best friend, people I barely know, coworkers.. you name it. I have to constantly remind myself that every single person is at a different point in their life. Everyone is going at their own speed and that’s okay. Always aim to be the best version of you, do what makes you happy, push yourself, enjoy yourself and always remember that where you are at this moment is where you are meant to be.

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  • 3 selfies in a row??? who am I

    Sunday = sleeping in (is 9am still considered sleeping in? ), getting a workout in, laundry, cleaning, doing some closet organizing and than spending the evening doing nothing. Productive as fuck dudes.

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  • Fact 1: my second toe is longer than my big toe by a lot Fact 2: it was so hot outside when I took this, ya girl was sweeeeatin Fact 3: these @americaneagle jeans are by far some of my favorites. I wear the F*** out of them. @ashley_maries fuck u

    When the weather drops below 70 and you just can’t resist putting on a chunky sweater and letting your hair blow in the wind 1/3 📸: @rlphotos dtx

    You may be 7 years old now but you’re still a baby to me. I’ve been keeping to myself lately which has honestly been really refreshing. Trying to stay calm and collected through the mess that is my life right now has been difficult, so enjoy my cute puppy until I get to feelin like myself. 👋🏼✌🏼

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  • I bought some new lippies and wanted to try them, hence the no makeup aside from some badly applied lipstick selfie 🤷🏼‍♀️ Happy Friday! So many fun things happening - seriously, fall makes me so happy because there’s so many festivals and activities to take part in! (Octoberfest, State Fair, Botanic Gardens, concerts, pumpkin patches ) SO many fun things coming up. With that said someone pls carve a pumpkin with me and do fall activities with me ok 👍🏼