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🥑 this fatty burger stack didn’t disappoint. . I have been so busy and off the grid the past few days. The most popular question I get about keto has to be. “What do You eat?” . To be honest, I try not to over complicate it, our days are long and busy with a big family so when I’m being good, I really just aim to avoid carbs & eat intuitively. . You do not have to obsess, track& weigh things to get to your ideal weight. If you’re just getting started, get rid of all processed carb and sugary foods, up your fats and look into intermittent fasting. If you’d rather just have me help you, then DM me🙌🏽✨

Most of the time I come up with recipes by throwing things together that sound good & today was one of those days. . This #creamy dreamy broccoli came about by taking my usual cast iron broccoli and adapting a bit. . 👉🏽Recipe 2 heads of broccoli 1/2 stick of butter 1/4-1/2 HWC 2 bouillon cubes Water to thin it out so it isn’t so thick Salt and pepper to taste . 1. Cook 🥦 with butter over medium high heat until cooked through. 2. Add remainder of ingredients and cook together for a few minutes to thicken and bring out flavor, adjust seasoning as needed. 👉🏽this is a great side dish or fatty snack if you’re like me 😋✨

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  • Where are my high vibing soul sisters? 👀 . ✨My tribe is finding me as I open my heart and I’m learning that the more authentic I become, the less that negativity is able to exist around me. ✨open your hearts and your mind to he belief that you can achieve greater, people need your story, your vibrancy and your light. ✨the ones who are for you will make theirselves known. ✨the journey comes with many lessons & tough times, but the clarity that comes with the tough seasons is....🙌🏽✨🔑 Let’s go sisters! 🙌🏽✨

    🤙🏽Hi friends! Our family here on Ig has grown so much so I wanted to reintroduce myself 🙌🏽I haven’t worn these jeans since high school a decade ago🙌🏽💃✨ ✨I’m Blanca, a 27 year old mama learning to love and live openly. I spent most of my life prisoner to my thoughts and my body because I was so ungrateful for what it was doing for me. ✨based on comparisons, sly jokes, and discouraging remarks from close family I lost my self love completely and hated who I was. ✨This resulted in years of yo-yo dieting, thousands of dollars spent & depression & at times suicidal thoughts. 🙌🏽Fast forward decades, so much self development, daily gratitude practices, mindset shifts & keto & I’m such a different person! ✨I am opening up personally on my page to use my lessons to help someone else find their purpose, light, or motivation. ✨what started as a keto documentation has turned into a full fledged pursuit to find my tribe, so if you’re still here with me and need a sister to support your journey, DM me and let’s get you where you want to be, because you’re meant for so much more & you can choose to grow as you go!!! ✨love this community, appreciate the platform to share my heart, conquer my fears & teach others to do the same! 🙌🏽✨❤️

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  • ✨This is enough, you are enough. Type “yes” if you agree and tag a friend who needs to see this! 🙌🏽✨

    Loving all things @theketobox & I plan on eating all the things. I shared on a live here and on Facebook that I feel these investments are worthy if: ✨you like trying new things ✨you don’t have keto friendly options near you ✨you have all the babies 👶🏽 like me and don’t have quite enough time to leisurely Rowe’s unless you’re in Aldi alone 🤣 . Things I’ve made with the box already: -dessert with a keto brownie -a yummy lunch wrap with tomato 🍅 wraps ✨when you get yours, let me know how you love it! ✨🙌🏽

    Yasss 🙌🏽✨ Where do you want to be friend? ✍️Let’s chat about it in the comments & type yes if you agree!

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  • ✨I began keto May of 2017 when I was 3weeks postpartum with our son. ✨My life has changed so much since then. We added another 👶🏽 ✨I’ve grown my tribe of women and they fill me up daily with encouragement and abundance mindset that I needed and searched for long before I found them. ✨I have learned to love even the most flawed pieces of myself because I realize there is healing in that. ✨Amazing things happen when you open your ❤️ & choose to just be happy. This journey is far from over, but the transformation is so much more than skin deep. ✨Trust that the darkest 🖤parts of your journey will lead you to the biggest breakthroughs, the biggest heartaches will bring about the greatest healing 💔& that the more you open yourself to experiencing this journey, the more fulfilled you will be. ✨Alignment on 💯 & we ain’t even had breakfast yet🤯✨🔥

    ✨intentions Funny things happen when you set them. ✨miraculous changes occur when you hold yourself accountable to them & take action on all your ish. ✨intentions are beautiful, as they direct the vey course of our lives. Yet they are dangerous, because they quietly go unnoticed as the driving force of what co creates our reality. ✨I encourage you to live intentionally & set your life by these Intentions. 🤦🏽‍♀️I missed writing mine in July and quite literally felt off the whole month. ✨Mercury is also in retrograde so there is that. Back to the point.... ✨choose to live a life full of abundant intentions, bigger goals& a beautiful hunger for all that is more in life, don’t be confused, gratitude 🙏🏿 is needed through this journey, but intentions will lead you whether you understand it or not. ✨live intentional my friends, how do you feel about setting intentions? Prayers, meditations, all the things? ✨🙌🏽

    👋🏼 hi friend, I’m Blanca, if you vibe with this, let’s be friends ✨ 👌🏽really though, these friends are the business and I’m so grateful that As I expand myself and my business, I am meeting more of them! Shout out to @lewishowes for posting this, by way of @jayshetty 🚨Tag your friends below👇🏽

    ✨Type “yes” if you agree! Comparison is and always will be the thief of joy my friends. Compete with who you were yesterday, nothing more, nothing less. 🙌🏽

    ✨Fall down 9 times& get up 10I’ve struggled with my weight my whole life prior to keto so This #transformationtuesday is one that makes me so 🤯 . 🤱🏽I am officially 16 weekspostpartum & also the smallest I’ve been since having children. 👶🏽 ✨ I am amazed at how different these month long pictures look. ✨I am relieved at how keto has freed me from years of yo-yo dieting and self hating. ✨I am grateful that I finally found something to give me results. If you’re reading this and feeling like you’ll never get there, just take the first step. 🙌🏽 ✨give yourself the grace you deserve as you’re trying to change your body, surround yourself with ❤️ and 💡 as you take on one of the hardest tasks most of us take, this will be challenging, but oh so worth it my friend.✨ DM me with any questions, you are always welcome there. Tag a friend who needs to see this!

    ✨Transformations come to those who do not give up on themselves. Type “yes” if you agree & tag a friend who needs to see this! 🙌🏽✨

    👋🏼Hello my beautiful friends! I am so excited to share this amazing giveaway with y’all! . If you know me, you know I love 🍭 🍫 🍬 , although keto has helped with my sugar addiction tremendously, I still like to indulge every now and then with a sweet treat! ✨run to @theketobox or @choczero to enter now! Tag a keto loving friend that would love to win too, don’t give greedy, spread the wealth with the needy 🙌🏽✨

    ✨Don’t let all the “mud” of life keep you from growing. These are the things that make our story better. Type “yes” & tag a friend who needs to see this! 👈🏼

    ✨Wednesdays are for Waffles. I had a beautiful client (whose now moved ) who let her kids have waffles for dinner on Wednesdays. ✨I thought this was rogue, crazy & absolutely brilliant! I loveee waffles, rogue& 😜. ✨I also must love a challenge because getting these family approved was going to be difficult, because you know, keto. ✨After some tweaking and playing I came out with a delicious version of the Sunday morning classic & we will be doing a live version soon. 👭Tag a friend who loves waffles below! 😋