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Lately, I’ve felt so discouraged to post and share with you guys because I have felt so far from my normal self. I’ve skipped more workouts than I have in years, my nutrition has been SOO off and I am the skinniest I have ever been (which is not my personal goal ) 🤭. • But this is a journey. This is a way of life forever. Through the ups and the downs. And there will be plenty of downs. I will never give up on this way of life. • I have been feeling like I can’t motivate you guys, push you guys to love yourselves more, and keep you in a positive spirit. But wanting to be there for you all is actually putting me in a better spirit and keeping me accountable for myself and my goals! ❌My goals are bigger than just getting in my four to five workouts a week, eating right, and making my body stronger. ✨My goals are to live my best life, be a positive happy spirit in this world, and help as many of you find yourself through health and fitness! • So thank you for all your positive continuous love and support! You guys are the best ♥️♥️♥️ #fitmomlife #positivevibesalways #saturdayfeels

Duck duck goose 🦆🦆 😏😏. #sorrynotsorry

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  • Feeling a little extra thankful today♥️ • • • • #monthofthanks #gratefulmom #blessed #thankfulmama #brotherandsisterlove #siblinggoals #toddlermom #fitmomoftwo

    When we get sick, we go to the doctor and get treated. When we break an arm or a leg, we go to the hospital and get treated. When we are in pain, we cry and we seek comfort. . Our minds should be treated the same way. • This topic has become of a very important and sensitive matter to me and on #worldmentalhealthday , I want to be a part of an awareness we should all have. • Mental health is not a topic that is discussed as extensively as it should be. Did you know that every year 40 million people, in the United States alone, are reported to suffer from depression and anxiety? These people live normal lives just like everyone else, but suffer from the stress and hectic pressure of this “normal life”. • However, these people fear treatment and some still even find it “taboo”! Like if you are seeing a therapist or psychiatrist, you are a crazy person! Did you know that over HALF of those 40 million turn to drugs and alcohol for relief? That is 20 a MILLION PEOPLE starting at the VERY sensitive age of 12 years old, turn to drugs and alcohol because they don’t know how to find comfort! And this irresponsible and abuse leads to lifelong mental diseases such as schizophrenia, bipolar disease, and chronic depression. • Which is why I CANNOT emphasize enough the importance of daily exercise and a lifestyle routine. Exercise in all its forms is NEVER solely about the body or the physique. It is much more importantly about the brain and mental well being. • • This is a topic that is very important to me, and a big reason why I became a coach. I truly believe in the power of a healthy lifestyle no matter how busy or how crazy your life is! #noexcuses. We all live in this crazy scary fast paced world, so knowing how to approach life and how to deal with all of life’s scary situations is so important. Be stronger than your fears. Don’t wait for time, make the time! Don’t wait until it’s too late because we are all prone to mistakes and hardships at any moment. #bestrong • • #betternowthanlater #yourhealthmatters #yourhealthisyourwealth #youareapriority #positiveliving #stressfree #fitnessismydrug #forevergrateful #mentalhealthawareness

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  • While everyone is hanging onto summer, I’m ready for that fall love 🍁. • • Fall is seriously my favorite season EVER and I feel so positive and grateful all season long☺️☺️. SOO, I’m running an extra special group starting October 22nd and SPOTS ARE LIMITED‼️ • Just in time to shed those last few pounds before you put them all back on during the holidays 😂😂😏😏. . . . #fitforfall #itsbootseason #fallinlovewithfall #holidaysarecoming #rainraincomemyway #fitmomof2 #fitmomsofig

    Over the past about three months, I have been dealing with a very sensitive issue with someone whom I love dearly... • I tried everything in my power to help this person overcome obstacles and hardships. Day in and day out, I was killing myself to find a solution, but I got nowhere because that person wasn’t willing to do what needed to be done. I was only able to help so much because after that, it was out of my power. What I realized was that there is only so much I can do. It is up to that person to help them self move forward and fight their battle. I was hurting myself and beating myself up because I wasn’t finding the solution when the solution wasn’t even in my hands. • And the same thing goes with you! 😉 I am ready to go 200% with you! I have ALL the tools you need to become the person YOU WANT TO BE! 😍😍 • Fitness is not just looking better and getting fit. It is becoming strong-emotionally, physically, and mentally. It is about loving yourself a little more everyday. It’s about learning that you deserve better and YOU ARE BETTER. It’s about setting goals, not dreams, and reaching them.💪🏼 It’s about believing that you have the power to create the life you want.✨ • • What are you waiting for? 😏 #youdeserveit • #loveyourselfenough #selflovepractice #knowyourworth #mentallystrong #bodymindandsoul #fitmomsofig

    When I signed up as a coach, I thought it would be simple... Help people get into shape and live a healthy lifestyle (which is something I am extremely passionate about ), and get paid for it. Simple. • What I didn’t realize was that I was signing up for a change in my entire life I didn’t even know I needed. A change that has brought so much light into my life and has shown me a whole new side of the world and of myself that I never even realized I was missing. I never even knew this path existed! • Saying yes to this opportunity was saying yes to becoming a new person. • To becoming a better mother. Not only because I am working to grow a business I can work from home and be with my family more, but also learning about things like self development, self discipline, teamwork and leadership, being coachable.. and so many more traits that I can now teach my own children from experience. To becoming a better wife and showing my husband how truly passionate I am about this lifestyle and helping others. To becoming a person that I would want my kids to become. • This business has not only helped us financially, but it has given my family a better me; and I owe it to them to achieve nothing but #success. • And I am INVITING YOU to DREAM BIGGER with me! • Check my stories for all the details and your chance to learn more TODAY! 😍. • • • #mombosslife #mompreneur #fitmomoftwo #dreambigger #roadtosuccess #familyoffour #youngmommy #toddlermom #believeinyourself #whynotyou

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  • Find someone who just gets you. Who knows you, loves to hate you, and loves you enough to push you to be better. • My husband has always been my rock and my best friend, but for the past few months, he’s literally been my entire strength. He has stood by me, constantly reminded me of who I am, and has held my hand and helped me up every single day. And for that, I love him in a whole new way. • Buttttt, the real point of my post today is because THIS GUY has FINALLY committed to a new program with me and he #fellinlove from day one! • A little story for you guys.. so my hubby played pro ⛹🏻‍♂️ overseas for 16 years. He retired 3 years ago and has been pretty inactive since. His old team trainer was the only person he trusted to help him workout (this was before I became a fitness coach so yes, things have changed ). Unfortunately, his trainer was killed in a club shooting on New Year’s Eve in Turkey two years ago (Haykal, May your soul Rest In Peace 😔 ).He has not really enjoyed any programs after that. He did do #80dayobsession with me for a while but the workouts were too long for him and he couldn’t find the time. ❗️Just like a lot of you, he needed someone to motivate him (hm hm me ), but with a program he could actually commit to. ‼️CUE IN NEW PROGRAM. ✔️Weight lifting. ✔️HIIT. ✔️Four days a week. ✔️30-40 minutes a day. ✔️Eating plan. ✔️Cheat meals. My husband has fallen in love all with fitness all over again. And I could not be more proud! • Ready to start with us? Not into weight lifting? No problem, I’ve got a library of programs to choose from! 👯‍♀️I will be working with new challengers 1-1 before I start my NEXT ACCOUNTABILITY GROUP in two weeks!!! 💌DM ME OR COMMENT BELOW FOR ALL THE DETAILS 😍 • • • #coupleswholift #toddlerparents #teachbyexample #transformationtuesday #hesthemarshaltomylily #throwback #curlyhairgang #nikefam #liftandhiit #fatburningworkout #muscleup #itsgotime #noexcuses

    I used to spend hoursssss at the gym. I knew it all and I practiced it all. But still, I never got the results I wanted and I was never satisfied with what I saw. I was wasting time and not satisfied. • First off, I learned that my body is perfect just the way it is. That I don’t need a huge 🍑, six pack abs all the time, perfectly thin and toned arms, and slender thick legs to be fit/beautiful. Second, I recently learned that I don’t need to spend HOURS of time, that I don’t have, at the gym. I got results right from my garage in less than an hour a day!! • Here I am, happier than I have EVER been with my health and body. I am fitter than ever. I have more energy. I am healthy and strong. And I could not love the way I feel more😍💪🏼. • You want to feel this way too? Simple. Just do what I do! It could literally not be any more simple. Because I guarantee you, you ARE going to fall in love with yourself. All over again. Every single day ♥️. • • I am personally starting a new 8 week weight lifting/HIIT fat burning program with the hubby tomorrow and I am SO PUMPED! Weight lifting is totally my jam so this is HUGE for me!!!! . Don’t like weight lifting? No problem! I’ve got a LIBRARY of programs for you to choose from! Tomorrow is a new month AND a new week, so take the step TODAY to start it off right 😉 • • • #momswholift #fitmomsofig #thatfitlife #teacherlife #firstgradeteacher #momswithguns #getfitfromhome #garageworkout #positivelife #sundayfunday #octoberherewecome #fitforfall #myfabletics

    The only person that is going to be effected by you not showing up every single day, is you. . If you choose to not eat right, not workout, not stress, not panic, or not be a positive energy, YOU are the ONLY one who will suffer. • For a while, I forgot that I had to take care of me, and I suffered. A lot. And I continuously felt like my life was a horrible disaster. As soon as I remembered to just focus on me and focus on what I needed to do to help myself, all of a sudden, everything was right with the world. And it wasn’t because the world changed or because my life circumstances were any different; it was simply because I felt better. I felt more positive. More motivated. Less stressed. Less anxious. I was able to tackle all of life’s stresses in a healthy and positive way. Is my life better or perfect? No. Am I happier? Hell yes. • So do yourself a favor. Get your heart rate up. Drop the pop tart. Read some self development. Do some meditation. Do some journaling. Pray. And love yourself a little more today♥️ • • • #thursdaythoughts #middaymotivation #foodforthoughts #fitmomsofig #teacherlife #positivemindset #positiveaffirmations #selflove

    These two and the start of the #fallseason have really put my heart in a warm and fuzzy place 🧡. • Oh, and so is my FREE FIT FOR FALL GROUP starting tomorrow!!!! Comment your FAVORITE EMOJI below for your exclusive invite and start your fall season off right 😍 ✔️Daily workout videos. ✔️Delicious healthy recipes. ✔️Challenges. ✔️Motivation and so much fun! • What are you waiting for? Just drop me a heart and I’ll be sending you all the love 😉. • • #fallspirit #fitforfall #fitforlife #sundayfunday #toddlermom #momoftwo #pumpkinpatch #siblinglove #curlyhairkids #fitmomoftwo #fitmommylife

    Taking on my new role as a full time #firstgradeteacher has definitely been a bumpy journey. It has taken me so much more time to adjust than I thought it would, especially with the other personal situations I’ve been dealing with. • But two things that have kept me extremely positive and strong are my workouts and my team. They have been there with me through it all; my coaches, my clients, my teammates, my own coach.. my business is definitely not where I was hoping it would be by this point BUT, having it there to give me something to look forward to and something to invest my extra time in has been such a blessing on its own. • Saying #yes and becoming part of this community has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. My ultimate goal is to keep spreading this positive energy and you will always have an open invitation to join my team or my challenge groups! You’re only a 💌 away 😍 • SPEAKING OF. Have you gotten your EXCLUSIVE invite to my FREE group that starts MONDAY?! You’ve still got a few more days so come take a peek at what it’s like to be a part of this inspiring and motivating community and lifestyle😍😉. Comment below or DM me and you’ll receive your invite within 24 hours! • • • #fitmomoftwo #thatteacherlife #itsfridaybaby #weekendvibes #momswholift #spreadpositivity #waitingforfall #smilesformiles

    Weight lifting is a practice that has not only changed my body, it has changed my life. The emotional and mental well being that comes with the power of weight lifting has kept me strong and driven, even through my hardest and weakest times. • Which is why you can imagine how excited I am that I am going to be starting a new weight lifting program with my hubby in October 😍😍. And you can join us 😉. • I’ll be putting together a FREE group starting NEXT MONDAY with all FREE weight lifting/HIIT workouts, healthy recipes, meal prep ideas, and tons of fun and motivation!!! Completely for free, and accessible to all 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 Join in to get a taste of the strength, push, and all the fun that comes with an intense weight lifting/HIIT workout! All from the comfort of your living room 😏. • Want in? Comment below and I will send you the EXCLUSIVE invite within 24 hours! #nomoreexcuses • • #fitmomlife #fitmomoftwo #weightlifting #momswholift #getfitfromhome #accountabilitygroup #bestrongerthanyourexcuses #liftandhiit

    For some reason, this quote is continuously on repeat in my mind. It’s like my mind is subconsciously trying to remind me of what I’ve been training myself to do for so long. • Our minds are so much more powerful than we can imagine. We literally have the power to change our ENTIRE LIFE with the simple power of a thought. “I am beautiful.” “I am enough.” “I am strong.” “I am brave.” “I am better.” “I am positive.” “I can forgive.” “I can move forward.” “I can thrive.” “I can do anything.” • I listened to my body a lot these past few weeks. Fatigue. Stress. Not wanting to workout. Not wanting to eat (yes not eat at all ). And it’s not a fun way to live. • I understand why people become so depressed, overweight, turn to drugs and alcohol, face medical problems.. it’s because they lose control of their minds; of their power. They allow the hardships of everyday life and stress to control them rather than realizing the power of their own thoughts and the power their minds can have over their bodies. • If this is you, I beg you. STOP. NOW! That is NOT who you are and NOT who you want to be! That is NOT what you’re meant for in life! You are worth so much more! Believe in the power of your strength, your mindset, and your will and I PROMISE you, you will come out a better and stronger you. • #sundayspecial #foodforthoughts #latenightthoughts #mindbodysoul #powerfulmind #positivemindset #positiveaffirmations #selfworth #fitmomtalk

    Happy Saturday lovely people ♥️ • I made this ab circuit video almost a month ago but never got around to posting it 😂🙈. Winter is just around the corner, but that doesn’t mean those summer abs have to disappear😉. • Give this video a save and try it out! 1 minute each exercise 2 - 3 rounds! • • Have a beautiful weekend babes!!! It’s a great day to have a great day 😍 #lowerabsworkout #abcircuit #athomeworkout #fitmomlife #powerfulmind #positivespirit #weekendvibes

    So... it’s been a while 😶. I’m still not sure if I am ready to be back, but over the past 6 weeks, I have lost sight of who I am, and I need to get back. Who I am is someone that loves to help people and loves to be a positive energy. I am someone who loves seeing others happy and proud of who they are. I am someone that knows how to deal with stress, cope with anger, and find the positive in every situation. • But this time, I lost. Big time. Someone very close to me has been going through an extremely tough struggle and I have invested every moment of my time, every ounce of my energy, to help this person. Along the way, it has caused heartache on me, stress and anxiety I’ve never felt before, fear, hopelessness, and so much sadness. I have probably worked out twice in the past month and my eating habits have most definitely not been one to inspire. • I am posting this today first and foremost for your prayers. God and only God can help us get through this and give us the strength to recover. Second, it’s your turn to give me my strength. I have realized that I can’t destroy my life and myself for anyone, especially when I am doing everything I can already. I have to be strong to be able to continue to help my loved ones and to be the person they can rely on. I need YOU ALL to help get me where I need to be and help me find my way back. I have already gotten so much love and support that has meant so much ♥️. Thank you all for sticking around. The best is yet to come 😍♥️ #thisjourneycalledlife #positiveaffirmations #personaldevelopment #Godsplans #positivethinking #fitmomlife #sunshineafterthestorm #onlywayisup

    What do you do when life is testing you? When all of a sudden, it seems like you’re being torn apart, barely making it through the day, and the weight of the world is just dragging you down? What do you do when you don’t feel like yourself and you can’t even figure out how to get back? • Well first, you do a killer #30minuteworkout at 5 am. You read some #personaldevelopment . You do your #positiveaffirmations . And you block out all #negativeenergy and #negativethoughts . • My first week of teaching has definitely been.. well.. it’s just been 😂. Being away from my kids all day, trying to find time for it all.. yeah... um I’ve basically fallen asleep between the hours of 8-10 wherever I am in the House. Don’t ask how I find myself in bed in the morning 🙈. • But on top of that, I’ve been going through something very personal that maybe one day I’ll be able to talk about.. it’s built a huge boulder on my heart and really taken me away from who I am, how I live my life, and the positive mindset I have worked so hard to build. Life tests us all in different ways and it is completely acceptable and healthy to really just take a step back and embrace it. • I cannot explain how #blessed I feel to have my AMAZING SUPPORTIVE team right here next to me. The endless love and support I have gotten from these women that DON’T EVEN PHYSICALLY KNOW ME.. the messages, the texts, the love.. I am so incredibly amazed and feeling so so so grateful I said #yes. All business aside. I have met men and women who think like me, live like me, love like me, and who just give with nothing in return. I have found positive energy, hope, love, and endless prayers somewhere I never ever expected. Thank you Team #Motivated2Inspire . You guys are my rock and I can’t wait to squeeze you all 😍😍. • • If you’re feeling like you need someone or even a group of people, to talk to, to spill your heart and problems to; to be part of group of people that what nothing more than to see this world a little better everyday, you know what to do 💌♥️ . . #firstdayofschool #day1 #year1 #firstgradeteacher #supportgroup #teamwork #teameffort #lovemytribe #privateschoolteacher #fitnesscoach #positiveenergyonly

    I constantly people hear people say they can’t do something.. but they’ve never actually tried. • We choose to underestimate ourselves and our capabilities, and exactly how much something might be worth for us to put that little extra effort for those impossible tasks. • So this week, do yourself a favor and at least TRY. You owe it to yourself. • • • #saturdayfeels #positivereinforcement #neversaynever #quittingisnotanoption #doitforyou #createyourlife