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I said i’d catch you id you fall. And if they laugh, then fuck them all. And then i’d got you off you knees, put you right back on your feet. Just so you could take advantage of me.

Found you when your heart was broke. I filled your cup until’ it overflowed. Took it so far to keep you close. I was afraid to leave you on your own

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  • I laugh alone like nothing wrong. Four days has never felt so long. If threes a crowd and two is us.

    Baby i dont feel so good, six words you never understood.

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  • You say sorry once and you think it’s enough.

    I’m the bad guy ´cause i cant learn to trust

    I wish i could hurt you back.

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  • My hearts skip eight beats at once. If we were meant to be. We would have been by now. See what you wanna see. But all i see him right now.

    Hands getting cold. Losing feeling is getting old. Was i made from a broken mold? Hurt i can’t shake. We’ve made every mistake. Only you know the way that i break.

    They talk a lot Your friend say he’s troublesome « Dont do it, you’ll get hurt » But they dont know where im coming from Cause if i do make you the one, i could never love another one Im just saying, give it the chance I dont see what you’re running from Love is pain, love is risk On the flip side love is bliss

    Drugs on the table a Wednesday. Long nights and advil for the next day. You’d be scared if you listen what your friends say. The worst thing to happen to you, in the best way.

    So if didn’t know now, i’m a savage. And this has already been established. Your friend’s tryna dip, but you here, you’re not trying to go. If you ain’t ready for it, all good, let me know. I looked in her eyes, she started back all silent. When i told her i’m the devil, i was smiling.