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Catch the family on @theellenshow tomorrow talking about the last 10 years and the brand new season starting in two days!

One more week until the season 10 premiere of Modern Family! Who's excited?!

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  • Appreciation post for this little creature. Shout out to Maple for being the homie 🍁🐶

    Had a great time on the Why I'm Not podcast with @brantpinvidic Link in bio! Hear me say words not as Luke Dunphy. (Also, yes that is a shirtless photo of Ty Burrell hanging in my office. Why? Because it's awesome ).

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  • Helping @alexslemonade fight pediatric cancer yesterday at @lalovesalexs

    I survived somehow

    Escaped from Los Angeles again. Promise I'll be back in time to shoot the next episode 🤞

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  • Old school and new school (just missing @aubreyandersonemmons ) And for everyone asking about @sarahhyland she was an adult when the show started : )

    I'm the captain now

    Life goal: retire in Barcelona and shrivel up in the sun like one of those super tan, speedo-wearing, old dudes.

    Yo amo Barcelona (3 years of high school Spanish didn't teach me anything ).


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