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Family portrait. #GraphicsReinvented

💙💜🖤 Aesthetics on point in this custom RTX 2080 build from /u/Buju3000. Nice #GeForceBattlestation.

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  • Ready and waiting. The GeForce RTX 2070 is now available! #GraphicsReinvented

    So this is cool. Really cool. Reddit user /u/AenonJurtis shared this photo of his gorgeous copper RTX 2080 Ti #GEFORCEBATTLESTATION with us and we couldn't wait to post it.

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  • "Once we evaluated the benefits of the tech... we determined the optimal approach for us was full raytracing support and doing whatever we need for leveraging DLSS. We wanted to go all-in." - RTX 💚 MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

    One small step for man, one large leap for graphics. Here's another shot from our ray-traced rendering of the 1969 Lunar Landing in the Unreal 4 Engine, featuring hyper-realistic light and shadows designed to accurately reflect the real properties of the original landing. Learn more on our NVIDIA blog! 🌜

    We faked the moon landing... to prove it was real. 🌚 Our demo team used NVIDIA RTX real-time ray tracing to rebuild the exact lunar landing from 1969 to verify the lighting/shadow behaved accurately. We got some stunning results. Learn more on the NVIDIA blog!

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  • 💚 to the 1 Million+ PC Gamers showing us love on Instagram! We're so excited to showcase more beautiful graphics, high-end rigs, RTX/GTX GPUs, upcoming PC games, and more on our way to 2 million!

    Reddit user /u/LordWolfsack posted his amazing setup, rocking the 2080Ti FE with a vertical mount. Thank you for sharing your #GeForceBattlestation! 💚

    Bring the battlefield to life. GeForce RTX + @Battlefield V. 💚

    For obvious reasons, we're partial to Green & Black. 💚🖤

    Chomp chomp. Capture your park's best moments in Jurassic World Evolution with NVIDIA Ansel. 📸 #ShotWithGeForce

    🙏 @MetroVideoGame #GraphicsReinvented

    Beautiful setup by /u/Jelaroth rocking the 2080 FE. (Via Reddit ) Thanks for sharing! 💚#GeForceBattlestation

    Survivor. Adventurer. Tomb Raider. Here's one final Shadow of the Tomb Raider Ansel shot from @the vrp. Easily one of the best looking games available on PC.

    Braving an unforgiving jungle. #shadowofthetombraider 📸 in Ansel by @the vrp

    Woman masters wild. Taken in Shadow of the Tomb Raider using NVIDIA Ansel technology. 📸 by the @the vrp

    The most colorful rig we've seen so far. 🌈 Share your rig using #GEFORCEBATTLESTATION and we may feature it!

    Simply gorgeous. 👀 The GeForce RTX 2080 is #GraphicsReinvented