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Multiplayer gameplay #callofduty #callofduty3

damn this is one old ass pic af my in the hopsitol damn i cant look it this pic it make me want to cry

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  • man i cant look at this pic rite her af me its ben hard to no howe March it hurts me to see this pic cancer f****** sucks but just keep your head up no matter what goes on in life butt keep your spirits up never give up God bless to u all and R.I.P to u Armando Picasso and never forgotten we will always fight to the very end love you bro Jesus Ortega butt i got sam good news Armando i kicked cancers ass man even though you died I will always fight to the very end no matter how hard this is hopefully I never get this ship back again cancer and Leukemia looking sharks this one goes out to everyone out in the world just right no matter how hard this s*** is just fine keep your head up keep your spirits up but yet God bless to you all but yeah can't what to get more tattoos done that means something to me love my wiring my rosary but ya God blass to u all share like comment it will mean the world to me and my friends that passed away

    just having same eggs for brakfisst

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  • cant what to git my forza horizon 3 today I heard it kicks ass peeps

    fuck all folks k nigga this is our world bicth

    thats whats up my niggas its my 3 beer bicth

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  • Never have a king for the like me nigga

    Play this to y'all girl she will love to the m and back

    You fuck with Eazy e


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