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NEW. YORK. CITY. 🌧 Get caught up on the latest vlog so all these rainy pics make sense in the next one : ) Seriously. Dooooo it! 😊✌🏻

Just dropped a new vlog on the channel : ) it’s a good one! Also, it has zero to do with this photo but I needed something NYC feels. @alenpalander lookin boss as usual

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  • The weather is changing FAST! So psyched! Was shooting in the rain here with @alenpalander in NY the other day and now I’m shovelling snow in Toronto! So many great vlogs coming 😊🥶🇨🇦❄️

    Layers on layers on layers. I mean c’mon. Look at that. Haha. What?! 🇨🇦

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  • I would loooooove to bomb this here bad to the bone river of life on my jet ski! Woo! NEW VLOG guys! Go check it! Fav part? BYEEEEEEE. Still amped off that coffee. My goodness.

    Hey! Land on that rock! “Ok!” 😂🚁🇨🇦 New vlog in the AM ➡️ Get caught up!

    Moving here. Kbye. P.s. go watch new vlog ✌🏻❤️

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  • Guys. We landed on this sketchy rock in the middle of a lake in the middle of nowhere and it was the best thing ever. Oh! AND I FILMED IT ALL! New vlog feat. My FAV creators! @beckiandchris - go check it out, check them out and destroy their socials!! WOOO! You got this! 💪🏻🎉🚁🇨🇦

    Saturday morning. Let’s be honest... every morning 😂 Launching a new line of merch soon with my @jamescoffeeco family. Shirts, hats, coffee- and ohhhh baby am I excited!! Photo Cred: @janyandpete

    From macro pictures of grass in my backyard as a kid, to hanging out a helicopter over the Canadian Rockies- I love everything about the journey I’ve had as a photographer. This view sort of sums it up for me. ❤️❄️🇨🇦

    Woke up to snow falling everywhere! Epic birthday timing! So psyched! Another successful rotation around the sun for me. So grateful to be here and have another year in the books. I love getting older, and experiencing life through new lenses as the years pass. It just gets better with time : ) Love you guys! ✌🏻🇨🇦🎉❄️❄️