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She said she ain’t got no heart - bitch find it 💕

Top two and I ain’t number two ☝🏼

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  • My babies ❤️ #greyhound #germanshepherd

    Sophisticated ignorance, write my curses in cursive 🖤 #Ye

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  • Gwelup Croatia ball 2018 ⚽️ with my best friend who breaks her back to get the perfect pic every time 🤣🤣🤣 @meri26xox

    N now I’m gonna step on the pedal - Don’t ever wanna brake #queen ☀️

    Tryina unlock this thing like 🤔 @meri26xox

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  • She medusa with a little Pocahontas 😛

    Date night with my ❤️ #bae

    When your trying not to drown for a photo and then something touches your foot 😭 #ew

    Blurry but this place was too beautiful not to share 😍

    Island dreaming ☀️🌴 #kohsamui

    Get you a best friend that knows your angles 💕 @meri26xox #bff @simmishoes @fashionnova

    Island tings 🏝☀️ #takeusback

    Forever dreaming of foreign islands and sun 🏝☀️

    We needa forward to the islands get you gold no spray tan ☀️🌴

    Paradise ☀️🌊💕🌴 #kohsamui