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“This was taken the day of my baptism. After service, my church family went ice skating. Because I was baptized, I was overjoyed that day. It was also the first time I went ice skating. I fell multiple times, but my friends stayed with me and laughed together as we slipped and fell. I didn’t know someone was taking pictures, but this photo is purely accurate in that I was having the time of my life. I did not care what I looked like, because I was with my church family. I was joyful to be me and always will be.”

Make sure to eat a balanced diet to keep yourself healthy and happy! Credit to Sabrina Wang for creating this flyer @sabbb_l

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  • “I love this picture of myself because I’m genuinely happy and doing something I care about. Being able to meet some of my best friends through my THON committee was something I never thought I’d get. I never found people who genuinely appreciated me for the person I was and shared the same ideals as me so well until this experience. Getting to fight against childhood cancer with the most fantastic humans was a beautiful experience and made me realize that it’s not hard to be giving, kind, and accepting. Branching out and doing something I’ve never done before was extremely rewarding and gave me the confidence to do bigger and better things and to always keep an open mind.”

    Recognizing and acknowledging feelings about your body are the first step to feeling comfortable in your own skin! • Body dissatisfaction is one of the main causes of eating disorders, so it’s important to implement strategies to help feel happy, healthy, and good about yourself. • Penn State Healthy Eating and Living Support (HEALS ) is a great on campus resource that offers medical and nutritional evaluations, therapy, outpatient programs, and support. If you are struggling or think you may be struggling with negative body image or an eating disorder, get in touch at

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  • “I feel the happiest when I dance. Anytime I step on stage I forget about everything and just instantly become super confident with everything I do no matter what is going on in my outside life. Dance is my escape from reality where I am not judged and my studio and friends are so accepting.” : : #bodypositivity #dance #pennstate #happy #healthy #confident #selflove

    “One day in November me and my friends decided to go hiking in CT. My friend took this picture of me when I wasn't paying attention and I honestly really like it. Even with no makeup and a casual outfit, I still like it. I look natural and happy because I was surrounded by all my closest friends, who honestly made me feel good about myself by taking this picture of me in the moment.”

    “In the middle of a very stressful first year of college, I got to visit disney world for the first time. Right after the classic Disney World parade was over, my mom told me to look at her and this picture was taken. I didn’t feel the need to wear makeup. I wasn’t trying to look good, I just naturally felt good because I was somewhere I felt happy.”

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  • I chose this picture of myself, because I was happy in it, even if I look a little silly. My friend took this of me on a whim; it wasn’t staged. That’s how photos should be taken. • The reason I made this account is to encourage women to be their real, beautiful selves. There is a lot of pressure to look good on social media, especially on Instagram. We spend hours taking, choosing, and editing photos to make ourselves look as close to perfect as we can get. • This account is a place where everyone can send in their stories of how they’ve overcome body issues, what makes them the most happy, or to share their best tips on how they keep themselves happy and proud.


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