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i was sweating my ass off in this pic (thank u for taking this @sabahkadir )

Chill Out Vro I Love You No Homo

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  • L$D stands for Love $alvation & Devotion

    we packin 😤‼️👏🏽💯 need that cash sent S T R A I G H T to my venmo 💵💸➡️💰

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  • angel child!

    pull up your cuffed dickies king your thrasher shirt is coming untucked [edit: I have a top on it’s just out of frame]

    he was distracted by a bird smh

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  • call him a lapdog cuz he runnin laps around these hoes

    my baby son’s name is loki so that makes me freya, norse goddess of love, wisdom, and the heavens. sounds about right

    tag yourself I’m the frog’s hat