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Go check out @thesarayastore for more lipstick reveals! All of our line will be vegan and cruelty free! Can’t wait for you guys to see!!! Very exciting stuff! Thanks to @marcliscioarts for the sweet photography and @janeenersss for the bad ass make up!

Two questions.. One - this is enough time in between posting pics of myself right? Two - do I look like Joan Jett yet?

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  • I was having a rough day today. A couple of factors made it better, but getting to embrace this woman was definitely one of the highlights. I love doing signings, meeting people and them telling me their stories, they tell me I’ve helped them overcome a lot because of my individuality, give no f**ks attitude and obviously getting myself off of rockbottom. This lady told me the same, the difference is, this incredible strong woman overcome cancer recently. She is the definition of a fighter. You say those words to me sweet lady but no YOU inspire me. I couldn’t help but hug you as tight as I could. You’re a strong, powerful and beautiful woman. Thanks for gracing me with your presence today. Im in awe of you and your strength ❤️

    Family time ❤️

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  • 84 outside? Ok. Let me grab my beanie and jump in the hot tub.

    Bachelorette weekend for this beautiful woman! @worstkenzie ❤️

    Thank you @lesliemakeupmaven for making me feel a million bucks today with all your make up glory! 😍 and my girl @mrs_lindysue always making my hair look awesome!

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  • Tune in this Wednesday 9e/8c on E! For an emotional episode of @totaldivas very lucky to have the love and support of some amazing, empowering women 🖤 @wwe


    Old but gold.