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Caption it...

Slaying on the red carpet has always been fun.

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  • That moment wen u decide to say... "Lemme divert a lil bit from my profession and do something I av passion for(music )". And the club was a perfect place to try it out.

    Jes say I should steal a shot by posing on one of favourite cars.

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  • #Sensitisation_Against_Rape. Project well executed by Legal Aid CDS.

    What a good feeling to have been registered to Falz's #sweet_boyz_association. Lol

    Still on the Aboki looks... Rollins Farouk on point.😂 #hey_dis_dude_wants_his_southern_luks_bak_ASAP. 😂 😂 😂

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  • #Friends_cum_family

    It is all excitement and a privilege wen u are in the Palace of the Sultan of Sokoto for a special visitation. #Hapi_Badi'kadi_Sallah to our muslim brothers and sisters.


    Kipin it ril.

    Ya kip checkin ma swag out dude(d guy by d left ) lol

    I like the bossy looks of mhiz charming... but as u can see in da pics,I'm still #daboss . lol

    When you gat beautiful Shawties such as this one around u... is enough leverage to spurn u on in contributing ur quota to community development. #itzrolznik