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Another #TB singing... no se ni donde ni cuando! Y el styling.... oh well! He aprendido con el tiempo 😂😂 But I do want that stomach back hahaha! The 25th on the @latinamas the styling is going to be on point babyyyyy!! Check it out 💋💋

Yeap! I performed with @official_flo and it was an incredible experiencia! When they called me to say that Flo requested for me to sing with him I almost passed out!! Había dado a luz a Sebella solo 5 meses antes! Fue de locura!! But amaziiiiiiing!!!! @latinamas #comingup #cohost

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  • Thank you @suavo for always saying yes to me!! Everybody LOVED your salsa class!! Me trajo buenos recuerdos!! Your support means the world to me!! Se te quiere....😘

    Feliz de ser co-host de los @latinamas este próximo jueves 25 de Octubre por @telemundo #takeover

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  • Instagram Take Over!! Go to @latinamas stories! Co hosting the awards this year mi gente! Super excited.... besos 💋

    A little rusty but still got it hahahahaha!!! Still thinking about and so very happy with Thursday’s event at @el_floridita_hollywood #gettingmyassbacktodanceclass #salsainmyveins #boricua

    I wish I had the ovaries to leave everything behind and do this... dedicate my life to rescuing dogs. I hope one day, when my children are older and on their way I finally get the “cojones” to just do it. I try my best to help with various organizations. You all know, I love dogs and I’m always trying to support. But for sure, my hearts desire is to one day do it FOR REAL. Like this incredible lady right here in this video. Thank you for what you do for our Puerto Rican strays. It’s admirable. You as well as @sandandtan are an incredible inspiration to me. #Repost @sandandtan with @get_repost ・・・ These are the types of women young girls should be idolizing - not the over contoured reality stars who glide through life self obsessed. Chrissy Beckles @thesatoproject - I’m so lucky to get to call you my mentor! Thank you for helping me guide my little foundation @thepuertoricodogfund 🇵🇷Not everyone likes a strong woman - but we get things done 🤷🏻‍♀️ and that’s what matters. @thesatoproject @chrissybeckles @thedodo

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  • Semi dubi dubi!! My boricua girls know what I’m talking about. Bueno, mini dubi ni’ pa tanto jajaja! Un dubi es algo científico, especial... your whole hair is wrapped! For all of those with grifo hair Iike me a dubi is a blessing! 😂😂😂 Thanks @paulanthonylove por mi pintura y capota 😘

    And just like that I have fraternal twins!! So in love with having these two beautiful girls be mis hijas en la nueva serie #GrandHotel!! Can’t wait for you all to see us get in trouble!! Gracias @feliznyc & @justina justina for dancing some salsa with me last night 😘😘💃💃

    Don’t miss @thetalkcbs today! I’m co-hosting with the ladies. Always such a great experience. Thanks for inviting me 💕

    Last night was epic! Salsa Dancing at @el_floridita_hollywood for a great cause! Thanks to all the Campbell Hall parents, family and friends that came to support the EDIF Fund! I haven’t dance this much salsa in years! Me duele todo... esbaratada pero feliz! More pics to come!! #mydancepartnerwasofthehook

    With my “compinche”, my brother, my glam guru @paulanthonylove #thetalk #cohost #goodtimes