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@ayeegee killing some tires @uniqueaudioconcepts_ in Tyler Texas 🔥🙌🏻 #salinasphotography

New video is up on YouTube and Facebook! Check out today’s feature of @uniqueaudioconcepts_ and his customers trucks! Unique audio is located in Tyler Texas and specializes in aftermarket accessories for example wheel lights sounds systems, led lights and more! Make sure to check out his page as he deals with the best trucks around his town 🙌🏻 #salinasphotography

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  • Up on YouTube and Facebook now is my feature of @uniqueaudioconcepts_ and his customers. Don’t miss out onda this video with a lot of badass trucks Including @jjackwyoung in the left and @theaaronweeks on the right. #salinasphotography

    @uniqueaudioconcepts_ and his customers feature dropping today! 🔥🔥 #salinasphotography

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  • @uniqueaudioconcepts_ video feature drops today! This video will feature Unique Audio a after market accessory shop in Tyler Texas along with plenty of trucks that he has worked on! Check it out today at 6:30pm #salinasphotography

    Late night roller of @gio_1997 2018 F150 on 24x14s 😍😍😍 I have spots open in November let’s book and get rollers of your truck! 🙌🏻 #salinasphotography

    Nuevo video! New video 😈😈😈 featuring @gio_1997 in his 2018 F150 Twin Turbo single cab on 24x14 @americanforcewheels full video is up on YouTube and Facebook! Want me to feature your truck? I am open to travel and have spots open the month of November let’s book your truck a shoot 🙌🏻 #salinasphotography

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  • Check out @gio_1997 video feature on his 2018 Ford F-150 Twin Turbo Single cab on 24x14 @americanforcewheels 😈🔥 #salinasphotography

    Dropping today at 6:30pm on my Facebook and YouTube channel is @gio_1997 2018 F150 Single cab riding on 24x14 @americanforcewheels with a 6 inch lift don’t miss it! Thank you Gio for hiring me to shoot your truck in Dallas Texas! #salinasphotography

    @topsecretjerry has been getting reposted everywhere since he featured on my page! Truck is sick and I’m glad it’s getting recognized 🔥🔥🔥 make sure to check out his page and keep up with his build! ALSO I WILL BE IN HOUSTON this weekend, let’s feature your truck in the home of the Texans! Message to book 🙌🏻😎 #salinasphotography

    @yellowjacket_yjos wireline custom trucks from being built to out in the oilfield roads! Check out my newest video now on YouTube and Facebook! Want to know more about Yellowjacket Oilfield Services? They are a oilfield service provider with locations nationwide. Their wireline division trucks are truly state-of-the-art, and are operated by the best people in the business. #oilfieldSWAT You are welcome to visit their website They are more than ready to assist you with your oil field needs.

    Dropping today is @yellowjacket_yjos video feature of their super custom state of the art kenworth made specifically to work hard in the oil fields! The video of this truck being built from factory to fully decked out with the best wireline tools will be on my YouTube and Facebook at 6:30pm! #salinasphotography #westtexasoilfield #oilfield