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Give us a camera, a tramp, and a portable speaker. This is what ya get🤩 #sendit

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  • Like Cars?🏎 Check out @86squad ‼️‼️ There stuff is dope!

    Such A Sick Spot🤩🙌 Imma be Tryna post almost EVERY Day!! Time to come back😏😏

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  • Seems like years since i have jumped off a cliff😴😴 I think its time i come back🤩 Dm me for that collab🙌 @carlsbadkook

    😨WATCH TILL THE END😵 What would you do if you landed on a bunch of 🐍 s 🤭😬 @nrcarrillo #senditforkevv #flippingfeed #crazy

    Now only if she was deep enough to jump😏🤩 . . . (10 seconds later i dropped my phone in the water💀 )

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  • i ka hope loa i ka home! . . . CURRENTLY on Kauai! My Home! I literally cant wait to share what i have been capturing this week with you guys! #senditforkevv

    I live for the Adrenaline Addiction.

    Dream BIG

    Dropped my camera seconds after😬😬 . . HMU for shoots 🔥🙌#creative #film #creator #photography

    Vibe From Yesterdays Sunset👀🔥

    That Monday Feeling😬😴

    Cheers🍻 To A Lifestyle Worth Living🤙🙌

    The Boys Senttt🤩‼️ #senditforkevv

    Escondido Ca. @thestokebros

    Normal Day w @thestokebros 🔥