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i got in a car wreck shooting my newest freestyle video 😭

Chief said.. all that bros before hoes shit 😂

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  • ☝️

    minding my own (senoritasnow )

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  • on my way to MINNEAPOLIS for the ZOMBIE PUBCRAWL 👻👻👻 📸: @wokeito

    i have hella pressure on me.. but @castroescobar_oj and his motivational speeches make it all better 😭

    As latinos... we come from a long history of trauma... 😭 all we can do is laugh at Mexican moms are mean😂

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  • i'm not perfect.. but i made me a career n im putting people on doing this shit... cant wait for yall to see what's next. 🤘🏼😊🤘🏼

    Tag ur ratchet friend

    so this is DEFINITELY HAPPENING THIS DECEMBER TICKETS GO UP TODAY COLORADO... 🤗🤗🤗😩i cant snowboard or ski 😂 link in story

    mood rn

    🗣i said goodmornin!