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we had no idea a class about law came with seats in the president’s box

number 2 in the SEC, number 1 in my heart ps: no more day games please

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  • take us to the Frommised land🙌🏻

    Saturdayz are for the boyz😤

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  • so much love💜

    Señor’s for my señorita’s 18th @rxbiya


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  • shoutout to the coolest woman I know on this #internationalwomensday love you to the moon & back❤️

    this guy just won some awards or something?

    the donut isn’t the only reason I want to be a dawg

    just glad I didn’t get hives

    totally casual I swear. ps I chopped my hair off thanks @sdishmanphoto 💕

    happy birthday! so glad I got to celebrate with you🔞

    orange you glad it’s fall