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I don’t spend money on “designer” clothing or buy fancy watches, instead I rent giant tools and cranes and build crazy stuff me and all of my friends can enjoy together🙏 with that being said.... I rented 2 of these things and we are UP TO SOMETHING👀 Work hard and surround yourself with good hearted people 💪🏽 new uploads every OTHER day, Link in bio

behind the scenes of the @guac_zilla reveal🙏 Incase you missed the news about the GTR, check my channel and stay up to date! New videos every other day 😯😃 Link in bio!! PS. Comment a good question and I’ll answer it

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    life’s about decisions! good or bad 😂 throw back to @austinmcbroom tattooing me in Miami! What should my next tattoo Be?

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  • I uploaded a YouTube video today confronting my biggest and ONLY insecurity that I have dealt with since the day I start posting videos on the internet... ACNE! If I let this insecurity get in the way of my goals and dreams you wouldn’t be reading this post right now, because I would of QUIT! Love yourself and have confidence!! I’ve been overwhelmed with love and support after talking about this for the first time, and I’m truly blessed to be in such a position and have people backing and supporting me. #LOVEYOURSELF you are one of a kind!!

    The entire new line is officially available... shop now! Link in bio or head over to @tfoxbrand 👿 Hotwheels are FLYING off be shelves already so get on it...

    Ladies and Gentlemen. link in my bio #guaczilla 🙌🏼

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