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I think I’m the not so classy one 🤔 #lffc

Acceptance is the key to all difficulties

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  • Only played 3 offical games but can say I’m already in love with this sport 😍 #IFFC

    They don’t make games like this these days, shit was so good 😱 #awayout #speachless #pullsatyourheartstrings @nathanwilkinson14 @that_plug_guy

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  • Dream big and work hard!

    Legend 👌🏼

    Back when she was clean 👌🏼

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  • Stay strong and work hard 💪🏻

    Feels good to be back playing ball 🏀💪🏻

    Perfect weather, the squad and cars. What more could you ask for👌🏼🚗

    Happy vibes 🤙🏼

    Wii sports trained me well 🎳 #threewaytie #strike

    Waiting for a m8 #dreads #lazysunday #shitweather

    Been a while since I played a game this good 😍💦 #mafia3 #ps4 #newtoplaystation


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