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If you want to change your brain chemistry, if you want to change your mood, if you want to shift, you need to do something powerful, something rhythmic commanding these pranic vayus. It makes you strong, it makes you sovereign, it makes you royal, it makes you radiant. If you’re thinking something you don’t want to be thinking and you add a bit more of the pranic power into the system you can change the channel. There are 1000 thought forms every blink of an eye. You have the power to choose what thought pattern you are going to run but only if you have the command of the breath moving you in the direction of your highest destiny towards more energy, more creativity, more fun __ Kundalini yoga| Class Tomorrow 12:15pm @soulflow_yoga Everyone welcome 📷 tbt to sundowners in Rishikesh

He is a fearless heart yet feels so very deeply. A vibrant soul oozing the most magnetic bantiful swagger. Rafi Rain you blow open parts of my heart I never knew existed, I feel so blessed I get to watch you grow into the most magnificent human. I have never felt so filled up. Motherhood. The ride of a lifetime ♡

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  • “Let the waters settle and you will see the moon and the stars mirrored in your own being” Rumi __ Blessed beyond for eternity

    This twin mum business is not for the faint hearted so I thought I would push myself a bit harder and dive head first into taking on more clients and more teaching (sucker for punishment ). Full blown burn out __ Spent the last few days practicing what I teach; tended to me (told the mum guilt to take a seat ), I took extra naps, had a few cries, inhaled the healing rays, had a dip in the ocean nourishing all my exhausted cells, lent on Tiki’s shoulder, ramped up the kundalini Kriya’s and lingered a little longer on my mat. I lapped up the nursery floor sessions where laughter replaced the oxygen and I turned into a real life obstacle course for the boys, found the beauty in the imbalance in me. Real healing is finding what in your life gives you energy, vitality, strength. Thats is what I teach. What gives you vitality will give you strength, what gives you strength will give you commitment, what gives you commitment will give you a strong radiant body and a glowing magnetic field, aura shining brightly so you blow open the space for all you desire to find you, you navigate life with more ease and the moments become effortless, even when you are feeling all the feels. #helloradiantwoman #kundaliniyoga

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  • My blond haired boy Rafi Rain 👶🏼


    Catch of the day #myboys

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  • When your best girlfriends design a range of summer sandals and name them after your boys you rock them to the beach with little sand crabs themselves 🦀🦀 @hopeandmay

    Mañana • Pilates • 7&8am #laporte

    As usual; completely exhausted, boys are in bed and I scroll through my phone looking at all the photos of their squishy faces. This is gold, a video from 2 months ago of Bend it like Rafi Rain at the ripe young age of 13 months. This kid blows my mind every day. Reach high sacred soul, anything you put your mind to you shall achieve ♐︎ #rafaelrain

    The energy of the nervous system is directly proportional to one's breathing. Shallow breath; shallow nervous system __ The pressure on this planet is so high and our inbox’s are so full. We have to be doing something that’s going to help clear the clouds so that we can manoeuvre through the complexities that we have never seen on this planet. We find our brains bogged down, glandular system not revved up enough, our blood chemistry not clean enough, brain hemispheres not balanced, hormones are off, chakra system gets a hit because you don’t have a big enough practice of conscious breath. If you have been waking heavy and need a little guidance on a powderful breath technique; my short and free kundalini ‘Rise & Reset’ meditation on insight timer is there to serve you. With over 12k plays I hope it helps you too blow open the vastness that lives within you through the power of pranayam Link in bio @insighttimer

    Post Montessori fuel session 🥦 #olloandrafi #montessori

    “When you breathe consciously it gives you prosperity, it gives you projection, it gives you personality, because it adds to your aura and you expand. That's why we call it pranayam. And one of the longest breaths is Breath of Fire. As long as you can breathe continuously, it is one breath. If you do Breath of Fire for one hour, it's one breath. So with Breath of Fire you not only expand your aura and your personality and your power of projection, you also expand your life”- Yogi Bhajan __ Class @soulflow_yoga |Thursday’s 12:15pm|all welcome . Hello Radiant Woman workshop| A private one on one workshop on the teachings, kriyas, and meditations, from Kundalini Yoga to cultivate power, beauty and how to be a Radiant Woman in the Aquarian Age| DM me 💎 #helloradiantwoman

    Wild thing.. you make my heart sing 🐯 #flashbacktogreece

    “Human life is meant to be an experience, in rhythm and harmony with the heart, with no missing beat” YB __ HEART CENTRE/CIRCULATORY SYSTEM | Not too late to join me on the mat for 12:15pm class today @soulflow_yoga Hour of power focused on the heart centre/4th chakra/the circulatory system blowing open space for profound transformation, protecting the body from disease through the shift in blood chemistry and expanding our electromagnetic field. All welcome ⚡️

    “The criteria is that if you can practice and understand these chakras, and develop them automatically in your body so they become your companions, then you have seven friends” YB __ LIVER| This week as the studio continues through the 40 Days of Wholesomeness through a chakra/energy centre a week, the liver is up. According to Chinese Medicine, anger comes from the liver. The liver is referred to as, The sea of emotions. When misused either aggressively or passively it is the most toxic energy there is as we store it in our body and it literally eats away at us. The third chakra, the navel is connected to the liver because when unbalanced the powerful energy it creates takes the form of anger. Kundalini yoga offers us a powerful tool to help dislodge these emotions from our body and transmute this energy into higher frequencies. Anger is eventually transmuted into light. One of the most powerful ways to move out of disempowerment into empowerment is to cultivate our own internal power. Yogically, the navel centre is the place to begin Thursday • 11.10 • 12:15pm @soulflow_yoga

    You will be happy to know my little croissants and I did not sink to the bottom of the Mediterranean __ Back home in Sydney and my latest guided meditation/ Rise and Reset, a powerful kundalini breath work set to cultivate energy and clarity went up on @insighttimer over night. Link on my bio to tap into the magic 🥐

    From eating baklava for brekkie to bicep curling my two Koalas all over the island. Balance