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Today we set the screens on 🔥 Lots of laughter 😂 and screams 😱 forecasted!

I want a milkshake.

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  • An exciting script - A young team - ambitious graphics - An years worth of passion, stress and hardwork - an entire film's raw footage leaked! The kids are back & Pillalaki oo clarity iyyataniki - #RealityBehindTaxiwaala link in story.

    Censor Done. All Set for you, your friends, and your families : ) #Taxiwaala arrives Nov17.

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  • Release date announcement - #Taxiwaala will now arrive Nov 17! Driver arriving a day late, but driver promises a fun ride to the destination!

    Some Jakes Bejoy - Sid Sriram Magic for you : ) #MaateVinadhuga Video Song. #Taxiwaala arrives Nov 16.

    Quick work check.

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  • Every journey is made towards a destination. And #Taxiwaala has been a journey filled with laughter, excitement, effort, pain and tears. And we are finally bringing it towards its destination, to bring smiles on all our faces. #MaateVinadhuga - our 1st single. #Taxiwaala arrives Nov16.

    #MaateVinadhuga #Taxiwaala arrives Nov16.

    Young director, young team, young story, young cast & your man in combination with UV&GA2. #Taxiwaala arrives Nov16.