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fun fact: if you don’t do any training for three months even the slightest bit of Parkour will result in a COMPLETELY sore body 😆 feeling every muscle today and it hurts so good 😁 • 📷 by @ediphotoeye from last year in Marrakech

Found this old clip on my phone when I was playing with some airforms in Bangkok 😊 It’s fun to try some strange stuff mid-air, sometimes it will make for a good moment when we take pictures. For a video I would have to land it better 😆 honestly, in lots of our best photos my landings are trash, because I want to nail that moment mid-air no matter what.

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  • To be able to move like this is all I ever wanted, since I saw my first backflip 🙏🏼 all the hours of ridiculous training, fighting fears and “missing out” on parties were so worth it. Can’t describe the feeling this gives me. If you know, you know. #parkour #flowshit • 📷 on @gopro #gopro #hero7 by @ediphotoeye

    ❤️ update. Went to the doctor today and she said all my vitals look good and I can slowly start training again. I will have to watch my heart and if it all feels good I can start training hard again in 2019. It still doesn’t feel real, but I’m excited to do Parkour in 🐌 mode 🙏🏼 thank you guys for all the support the last months 😊👊🏼 • 📷 by @ediphotoeye

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  • Love this edit from two nights of running around Tokyo, including one police arrest 😅 thank you so much @thatmikolim and @redbulletin • Link to the behind the scenes in my bio 👆🏼

    a short film featuring myself and @domtomato 🎞 directed by @dr evic 👨🏻‍⚕️ coming to a film festival near you soon 🎉 #lyon25

    Got to witness this madness yesterday 😲🙏🏼 link in my bio for the full edit 👆🏼 #lyon25

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  • @pashatheboss once told me: “Birthdays are good for your health, the more you have the longer you live.” 🎉 happy birthday legend 😁💪🏼 can’t believe you’re 40 already, I swear you look 26!

    @valtteriluomaaho flipping in San Fran with Alcatraz in the distance ⛓ It was fun to just be a camera-man for our US edit (though I can’t wait to train again ). This is probably my favorite shot of the trip. How did you all like the edit? If you haven’t seen it, link is in the bio 😉👆🏼

    US TOUR EDIT OUT NOW 😁🔥 link in bio 👆🏼👆🏼

    People tell you to be yourself, but when you do they say “no, but not like that!” • 1000 people unfollowed me, because of the nude series. Thank you. That’s the right reaction, if you don’t like what I’m doing 🙏🏼 I really enjoyed creating these images with @erica_n_madrid and can’t wait do do more 📷