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Growth is good ankere... Still working on getting dem ends perfect 😊

So young .... Yet your life was taken from you like you meant nothing to no one... Our hearts are broken, our spirits down, we've lost appetite the horrifying way we've lost you haunt us daily... We can't stop thinking of the pain you were in when the first shot was fired ... We keep wonder shot number what killed you... If it was just one shot would you have survived?? We have so many questions with absolutely no answers. Why did they do it? What went through their minds when they did it? Wasn't the first shot enough?? Why didn't they give you a chance to fight for your life?? Did they have to make sure you're really gone?? Could they not see you have no more life left in you?? We have so many questions yet no answers .... You were just 19 and they killed you with no remorse... 15 shots it's still sounds so unreal... Like it's just some horrible dream I'll wake up from soon ... My heart is shattered. Although the people who did it ran away I believe that God will bring them to justice Rest in Peace dear brother we will miss you dearly... You're safe in God's midst now Gone but not forgotten

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  • Boobtube Friday.. 💁 #picseven #issa21stbirthdaysoon

    Snapchat Addiction... 🙈🙈 #picfive #issa21stbirthdaysoon

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  • 😊😊😊

    Snappy... I do my own hair 🙄💁 #picfive #issa21stbirthdaysoon


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  • Posing Skills... Dololo 😂😂 First weekend of my birth month... #picfour #issa21stbirthdaysoon

    She is clothed with strength & dignity. She laughs without fear of the future. 🙏 #picthree #issa21stbirthdaysoon

    I want to post 21 pics to celebrate my 21st birthday 😋 but the problem is I don't have 21 outfits that I like in my closest 😂 lol don't get me wrong I have enough clothes but I repeat 5 outfits very actively 🙄😑 But lets see how this goes... #pictwo #issa21stbirthdaysoon 💃

    MJ's mommy is turning 21 in exactly 28 Days. 💃💃

    Hey Birth Month 🤗🙋


    I don't really want no friends 🙄 Did someone say weekend? 😋

    Wednesday got me feeling all goofy 😋

    Tried an Afro this morning 😋 God I love Fridays 😍

    How I smile when I think of all the bad things they're wishing on me 😂 Crushing on Jayceon's mommy today with a throw back. 😍 Rocked my outfit with flats later that day 😊