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FATA-LISA 👩🏾‍🎨 🎨 MAKEUP: @beatbyqleemakeup WIG: @trina_bout_that_hairlife

On this special day I wanna wish a special girl happy bday so glad we took a step back and made things right because life is short truly adore you and truly love and miss you @brittany jena

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  • 😘

    Y’all remember I told y’all I was gonna start trying these plus sized brands wellll first up is @prettylittlething I got this top from there and these black out tights I’m a size 26-28 and bitch everything fits lovely yallll @prettylittlething + sizes approves ladies

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  • Remember

    I need to get in this NIGGA dream wtf got you smiling so hard in this dream 🤔🤔🤔

    The BABY 👸🏽 Face beatttttt by: @lahluvie

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  • I’m in love with my unit by @trina_bout_that_hairlife 😍😍😍😍 gooooood curly hair

    Bitchhhhhhhhhhh my head on fire my shit must be growing can y’all tag @darealbbjudy and tell her mail me some more miracle drops 😩😩😩😩

    I talk to this nigga everyday of my life and this our first legit picture Lmfaoo not bad is I must say ... you one of the realest Niggas I’ve met in my 24yrs love you scrap 🖤🖤🖤🖤 @syaridakid

    If you haven’t already.. Follow @ultimatebodytox y’all know they got the best detox out. Follow @ultimatebodytox

    I don’t think I ever put this much emotion in a song boy my next project finna be crazy weeeee coooookingggg @chrizbeatz