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happy birthday noodle love you ♡ picked a pic where you look hotter because it’s your day or whatever 😍🤤😘

this was just gonna live on my finsta forever but the bop is tooooo good #HairBodyFace @starisbornmovie ⚡️ #starisborn #ally #ladygaga #soundtrack @ladygaga

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  • my pale ass went to the beach don’t ask what i’m doing bc i have no idea why my arms are like this. on another note @sweetpete_la took this pic so there’s that! should we start one of those gay couples travel blogs where we just live on cruises and other people’s yachts and pretend that it isn’t the end of the world? ¯\_(ツ )_/¯

    this is my “please register to #vote and vote in #midterms to stop #America from complete destruction and to protect those who aren’t cis white straight men thank you thank you thank you like we have a choice in this our voice matters if we take the next right action we don’t have to live in gilead okay? #trump is an unstable demon as are his allies, but we outnumber them don’t forget that” face

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  • comment your story of bullying. i love the support y’all are giving to this campaign. i encourage you to share your own stories of bullying. it’s liberating and helps others. the more hate you wear the less you care. thanks again @diesel for this #hatecouture campaign and donating proceeds of this jacket to @aliforneycenter #faggot #fashion photo by @vitali_gelwich

    Happy to say that @diesel and @onlythebrave_foundation are donating all profits from the limited edition “faggot” jacket to @aliforneycenter in support of LGBTQ youth. The more hate you wear, the less you care. #dieselhatecouture #ad

    The first time I remember being called a faggot was in the first grade, by a sixth grader, on the bus to school. Since then, I can’t count the amount of times I’ve been verbally assaulted by the word. Sometimes the verbal assault is attached to acts of physical violence as well. Thank you @diesel for giving me the opportunity to participate in this campaign, to take ownership and power over that word from homophobic assholes and wear it with pride.

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  • my biggest fan @emrata found me at the *louvre* it’s so crazy. she was nice tho i guess¯\_(ツ )_/¯

    Paris you have my whole ♡!!!! I can’t believe y’all waited out in the cold 😭😭😭😭 Love you guys!!!

    remembering this face mask fantasy moment w @flynnagin11 #fbf photo by @chronicflowers

    don’t mind us living our best lives at @coach thank you for having me for #NYFW what a blessing and @stuartvevers thank you for your support and love congratulations on a STUNNING show