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Blue skies and 30 degrees - My kind of October.👌🏾

Hope you guys are having a great weekend💫 #saturdays

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  • Happy Friday!💫

    New day, new flowers🦋

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  • Hope you all are having a wonderful end of the week🦋

    “How would your life be different if you stopped allowing other people to dilute or poison your day with their words or opinions? Let today be the day…You stand strong in the truth of your beauty and journey through your day without attachment to the validation of others.” - Steve M. #goodmorning

    My besties, my squad, my mirrors in life. How blessed I am to have these🥇#iloveyousisters #dontsayitoftensotakeascreenshot #kbye

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  • I share a lot of my good moments on this page but it’s realistic to share that it’s not always rosy. I’ve had my moments where I would feel crap and feel like I’m not working hard enough, not earning enough, i’m not traveling enough etc. It’s those moments that people won’t get to see on the gram. That’s why you should never compare what you have with what you see on social media. Don’t let the gram fool you. We have all the courage to share our highs but shy away to share our lows. And I get it cause we often think who would care or who would be able to even relate? My answer is a lot more than we think. In those moments where I feel crap and overthink things it’s the moment where I pray to God to keep me focused and to stay in my lane. I then remember my purpose. I remember all of the things I have experienced to get me where I am today. In these moments you get to realize how valuable your close friends and family are. They are the ones that wont always tell you what you want to hear but become your mirrors..

    So many things to smile about🌟 #haveagreatsunday

    Few days ago my friends and I decided to gift eachother with a book when we met up a few days ago. I received this book by @meikwiking The English title of this book is “The Danish search of the world’s happiest people”. He is known to be the “happiness expert” since he founded the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen. I’m very curious to read this book! Have you read it before? #happiness #thebookclub

    Whenever we’re in Ghana, we always get the question if we are twins😂 Do you guys think we can pass as twins? *fyi i’m 3 years older* #dansosisters

    We can be very self conscious around this time of the year☀️. Skirts, tshirts, bodycon dresses, shorts, bathing suits, tank tops, crop tops. I catch myself being self conscious at times but then I ask myself is it really nessecary? I mean what good is it eventually bringing? I love my curves and I also love the fact I don’t see gym as an obligation but rather a place to challenge myself in strength and stamina. Whether you’re in the process of losing weight or gaining weight, be happy! It’s not fair to postpone your happiness because you don’t fit in a particular size (yet ) or because you’ve not been seeing results (yet ). Be happy in the process of getting to your “end goal” if you currently have one. Enjoy the beautiful outfit, enjoy the icecream you’ve been craving for, go on that date and just live life. Be happy with you and the progress you’re making✨#itsgettinhotinhere

    Hope everyone is havin a great Sunday🧡I’m back on Instagram after a while. If I have to be completely honest, I was just so bored with what I was seeing on my feed day after day. I was so bored with what I was posting too. Then @asiyami_gold posted a photo on the fact of being uninspired of what you’re seeing on instagram, but that it can be changed by following things and people that truly inspire you. Yes instagram can be superficial as hell but it’s also a place where we can inspire eachother by our journies, stories, our realness and creativy. We all have a story to tell. And I’m going to do my best to share more of me to help someone or inspire someone with my story. Anywayyy, I’ve shared a new video on my channel and I’m talking about the truth of long distance relationships. Let me know if you’ve watched it! - link in bio✨ #back