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Child Of Light for the Nintendo Switch launches today! Will you be reliving Aurora's adventure, or experiencing it for the first time?

Choose your fate in #AssassinsCreedOdyssey and become a legendary greek hero! Grab it today 🔥🔥🔥

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  • 🔥🔥 1 day to go! Who's hyped? 🔥🔥 #AssassinsCreedOdyssey

    Ready to explore? #AssassinsCreedOdyssey

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  • 1 week to go... Who's hyped? #AssassinsCreedOdyssey

    Who's hyped to blast off with Starlink? Coming October 16. Swipe up on our story to learn more 🚀✨🚀✨

    The Shovel Knight are coming to Brawlhalla! Follow @brawlhalla and stay tuned for more details...

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  • Grab your squad... The #GhostRecon Wildlands free weekend is underway! Who will you team up with?

    ❄️🏂 @steepgame_us are teaming up with @xgames for all new DLC! Check out our story for more details.

    Journey into a corrupted mind... Experience Transference, out NOW on VR & non-VR devices!