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Two blondes and one fat kid at heart, not a good idea🙄

Thank you my FOREVER YOUNG mommy and daddy, my family and my (crazy ) best friends who always support and encourage me in everything I do. I love you guys so MUCHOOOO ♥️♥️🌹Last but never least, biggest thanks to our dear pTui @pawinacz and his lovely family for letting me use your stage to fulfill my dream. I’m forever grateful.VP

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  • Just because it’s Sunday🌞, I hope you guys enjoy the final episode of #ThisIsMeVATANIKA #TIMVTNKseasonfinale Still feeling blessed and forever grateful always.♥️♥️♥️ #PrincessYachts #BoatLagoonYachting @princessyachtssea @boatlagoonyachting

    Thank you my glam squad for making my nights complete, I love you guys. 💄 @ekarine_wongaganit @grace_makeup369 💇🏼‍♀️ @jcreef @alexandul

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  • Thank you everyone for all the♥️ and support, I feel so loved, humble and forever grateful as always.VP #ThisIsMeVATANIKA #TIMVTNKseasonfinale #AnantaraLayanresidences #AnantaraLayanPhuket @anantaralayanphuket

    It’s time to raise the the curtain and watch The Season Finale together!! Watch it on our YouTube channel : VATANIKA 06.49 PM.💋💗 #ThisIsMeVATANIKA #TIMVTNKseasonfinale

    See you guys in 6 hours!! Link in bio for the final episode’s trailer of #ThisIsMeVATANIKA #TIMVTNKseasonfinale #PrincessYachts #BoatLagoonYachting @princessyachtssea @boatlagoonyachting

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  • Blissful night♥️ Was wearing my favorite gown from @vatanika_official Resort19 #ThisIsMeVATANIKA #TIMVTNKseasonfinale #AnantaraLayanresidences #AnantaraLayanPhuket @anantaralayanphuket


    Once in a while a girl should have her own show🌹 #ThisIsMeVATANIKA #TIMVTNKseasonfinale

    The new official trailer is out now, watch the Season Finale together tmr on our YouTube channel : VATANIKA Link in bio!! #ThisIsMeVATANIKA #TIMVTNKseasonfinale


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