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Over thinking is another form of stress never second guess stick to your gut 🖕🖤

That lil guh in the white got them hands

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  • You eaither with me or against me💯🤘

    I didn't fagget about uu kuzz u still be on my mind I miss you nigga jus watch over the family until we meet again I love you kuzz #ripbigreddripbigbro

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  • Rip my brother keeper I remember everything uu told me bro I miss you nigga and Ima ride fa u nigga I love you bih

    On that gang shit no lame shit💯🔫 #🅰️🅱️M 3$hit

    11-21-14 das when a nigga stole uu from me happy birthday big kuz we miss I love you nigga 💕🖤 finally u 26 #longlivebigredd ttk be the gang

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  • One day it might be that day 🤦I'm looking right at success while they snatch my opportunity

    My Goals #ripgeemoney

    Never let a nigga steal u switched up i cant feel u 💯💯💯

    Me and sis💞💗

    Who up wit the kid?

    I'm on yo girl like do he treat u right do he beat that pussy every night 🍆🍑do he eat u right👅

    Rip dd I miss uu