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You got me cuz you know I got you 👩‍👦💛

My Sonshine on a rainy day ☀️

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  • I love you so much Aiden Mekhai 💙 thank you for making me a Mommy, and constantly being my motivation to be/do better. You're the best! Happy Mother's Day to ME and Happy Mother's Day to all you mommies out there 🌺

    I posted this for you 👀

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  • The Good Girl. 💋

    Thank You, Lord 💛 #bestfriend #blessed #eighty

    Im soo IN LOVE with my lil guy 😍😍 words cannot describe. My heartbeat, my world .. My everything. And he's soo handsome. 10•6•2012 i love my Son #teammommy #love #happy #fulfilled #hesmyreason ☺😍😘👶👣❤💕🐣🐥🍼


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