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Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset. 🌅

I love seeing friends making moves and I can’t wait to see all of the hard work pay off to you. Let’s keep it real and thank you for everything 🤙🏻#flashbacksunday#tbt#bestfriend

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  • She's my cousin and she's been my silly friend for many years and now she's about to leave. Congrats cousin, never forget those road trips and fun we've experienced together for the past years. I hope you stay healthy and have a great new life with my cousin-in-law. Love you as always! 😁😁🎁🙁


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  • Saturday and Tuesday are both for boys! #crackacoldone#dekhockey

    Glad we survived the insane yaxa laugh with crazy dance move last night. #prom2k17

    I guess it's time to be crazy. (Win-win ) 🎾🔥

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  • Stick it to the man #seniortrip#schoolofrock

    Santa loves us🎅🏻🎄#Christmas

    It was a nice house. 📸: @rahile205

    Never too late to post a hoco pic. #seniorhoco2k16#prayforlordharambe

    Okay.. I would say I got touched by this senior rec thing.. what a freshman! Great people with great season. We'll miss these crew and all of XC members. Cause what feels like the end is often the beginning! #xc#rebelspride

    @alipjurat @raziye0915 🗽


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